What is the new moon and how does it affect us? (2023)

  • What happens during this lunar cycle?
  • When is the next new moon?
  • How can this phase help you?
  • how does it affect us?
  • Does it affect our sleep pattern?

What is the new moon and what does it actually do?

From an astronomical point of view, the new moon occurs whenThe moon is between the earth and the sunThat is, it cannot be observed in the sky, since the illuminated side shines far from us. In this phase, the Sun and Moon are side by side on the same level of the Zodiac, forming a Sun-Conjunction-Moon composition.

What is the new moon and how does it affect us? (1)

This monthly cycle has tremendous implications that we need to be aware of, especially regarding our mood and body. It actually symbolizes a second chance and blesses you with a clean slate. That's why it's the perfect time to meditate, plan and organize your next steps towards success. In short, its purifying energy helps you in your reflection and analysis.

Despite this phase of low light, we know that the sky has not been abandoned and the moon will reappear. The lack of light in this phase can be destabilizing, although you soon understand that it can happen if you embrace the darkness.one door to all possibilitiesand the energy contained in your intentions will soon manifest.

Indeed, the new moonmarks the point where we open a new sheetand it's the ideal time to start something new or start new projects. During this time, we are encouraged to sow our seeds. So if you are planning a baby, you should know this.To dieThe new moon is the ideal time to conceive a child.

👉 Follow thislunar calendarhere for more information about each cycle and read theirhoroscope 2023.

When is the next new moon? - It's March 21, 2023

Below are the dates of the cycles in 2023:

Month - 2023:
Time IS:
In what sign?








5:45 am




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March 21, 2023, New Moon in Aries

Aries is therefore a dual symbol of rebirth and beginning. Here we are dealing with a very intense New Moon, full of energy and full of positive emotions. On a new moon in Aries, there is an idea of ​​speed and immediacy.More than ever, this phase of early spring offers us a new chance to fulfill our desires.It spreads an impulsive energy that can make us more impatient and passionate, but also quicker and more determined.

On March 21, the New Moon in Aries is well associated with Pluto in late Capricorn, but it is also associated with Mars square Gemini Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune square can lead to disillusionment and strong, overwhelming emotions. This aspect can make us unrealistic and lead us to situations of failure.We can betray ourselves, but we can also feel lost between reality and fiction.We can therefore envision a climate of confusion represented by Mars-Neptune around this date of the 21st. Let us add that Mercury has just entered Aries on this new moon day and therefore praises the vibration of our minds while inspiring us to move forward with enthusiasm.

In summary, this new moon in Aries is a real trigger, it is the time to act to resolve stuck situations, either individually or collectively. Everyone is affected by the "New Moon", but the zodiac signs here are the hardest hitAries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

What is the new moon and how does it affect us? (2)

- On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the new moon phase begins at 2:48 AM EST at 01° Aries.-

Which zodiac signs benefit most from this phase? Here is your mini horoscope

  • Aries:This is the time to stick out your chest and stand up for people who try to unbalance you or change a difficult situation.
  • Trails:You definitely need to keep up with a situation that is spiraling out of control... but is more complex than you'd expect. Get some friends to help you.
  • Twins:You need to react when you get bogged down with unspoken words, endless questions, and delays. Do yourself a favor and take back the reins.
  • Krebs:The new moon gives you a new professional and financial boost. Show what you can do.
  • Lion:You regain your self-confidence and can achieve anything you want with your enormous energy.
  • Virgin:The sun and moon require you to defend your fortune and finances. Don't be afraid to ask for your due or they will try to rip you off!
  • Scale:The new moon urges you to take action regarding a partnership, collaboration, or relationship. Don't start off on the wrong foot, make things clear.
  • Scorpion:In your everyday and family life, you have the opportunity to make things right to avoid misunderstandings and misinformation.
  • Protect:Your love life or relationships with your children are in the spotlight. Spring is the time to put all disagreements aside and make a good start.
  • Capricorn:You might feel relieved after a long time with various responsibilities that were a little too heavy to bear. Spread your wings!
  • Aquarium:It's time to reorganize your budgets. The New Moon and Pluto give you a keen sense of analysis, especially when it comes to finances.
  • Fish:You may have to give up one dream to fulfill others. The new moon encourages you to be clearer.

How can the new moon help you? — Give us courage to make the most of your new beginning

It is a time of darkness and pause, but full of opportunities to write a beautiful next chapter in our lives. It embodies the essence ofa new beginning or processes of searching, pausing, preparing and planningwho set our plans in motion. Furthermore, it can also be seen as a time when the beautiful feminine qualities of reflection and presence prevail over the masculine principles of action and dynamism. That's right, the new moon encourages us to think and prepare before acting.

What is the new moon and how does it affect us? (3)

If you have a professional or romantic project, dive into it at this stage and 15 days later the full moon will light up the sky, vizcan bring you success and good news!

🌕 For more information, seeThe moon and its meaningit's atwaning moon. 🌕

📝 Most important discovery:

The symbolic side of this cycle resonates with and in the water element.represents emotions, intuition, attraction, creativity and femininity.This phase has a very important impact on everything related to relationships because it increases our emotional sensitivity.

How does the new moon affect us?

You can enjoy the benefits of this event in many aspects of your life. Outside ofhair care, your diet, gardening for sex,Use this time to make changes in your life. Here are 4 instances of the magical effects this phenomenon has on us!

1) Accelerates hair growth 👱‍♀️

If you want your hair to grow back faster,cut your hair when the moon is in its waxing phase,that is, between the new moon and the full moon. The same rule applies to hair removal, including waxing and shaving.

2) Facilitates weight loss 🏃

During this time, the body is deeply cleansed and you will quickly notice that you lose weight without much effort. start a3 day diet once this phase starts.

3) Makes plants more resistant 🌱

Vegetables are more resistant when the moon is in a waxing phase.This is the time to sow, plant, harvest or graft seeds.

4) Increases your sex drive 🍆

If your relationship is about to end, this period isthe ideal time to start new projectsor surprise your partner. In short, this is the time to take a second breath or try a second time.

— fill in yourcheck the fullnessfor prosperity and make aNeumondwunsch

How does it affect our sleep patterns?

Experts believe that this phenomenon has a powerful impactattractionabout the elements, including the human body. Researchers believe soInsomnia worsens at this point.As for mostsensitive zodiac sign, they are often more affected than others and struggle to get the full 8 hours of sleep they need because they are moreMoon sensitive.

Suggestions from Susan Taylor: Make the most of this event

The new moon is an important time for all of us. Everything you do, everything you sow at this time will have repercussions and you will reap the rewards, good and not so good, in the next full moon. This is the time to act, to introduce new habits. If you have any doubts about your future or feel lost, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our psychics. They will brighten your future with kindness and gentleness to make the most of this New Moon.

- The future is mine -

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