What happened to The Kingkiller Chronicle movies and TV show? (2023)

What happened to The Kingkiller Chronicle movies and TV show? (1)
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The Chronicle of the Kingslayer

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The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss is an extremely popular fantasy series. At one point, movies and a TV show were in the works. What happened?

After the success ofZu War Two Thrones, everyone wants to release the next big epic fantasy project. See programs likeor magicianon Netflix oryour dark materialson HBO or future projects likeLord of the ringseThe wheel of timeim amazon.

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so there isThe Chronicle of the Kingslayerby Patrick Rothfuss. This still incomplete trilogy is one of the most popular epic fantasy series in the world today, with the two books published so far -The name of the windeThe fear of the wise- Appear inNew York Timesbestseller list and sold 10 million copies worldwide. They're a big deal with fantasy fans, and over the years we've heard of several adjustments in development, but nothing made it to the finish line.

What happened? Unfortunately, the adjustments had many setbacks. Let's take a closer look.

For those who don't knowThe Chronicle of the Kingslayer, tells the life of Kvothe, a supposed murderer of kings (or a king) who, along with his apprentice Bast, lives undercover as the innocent landlord of the Waystone Inn in the distant town of Newarre. In disguise, Kvothe adopts the alias Kote. One day he is visited by Devan Lochees, also known as the Chronicler, who recognizes him for what he really is. Shortly thereafter, Kvothe agrees to recite his colorful life for three days. He just lets the chronicler and Bast listen to his story while the chronicler writes everything down.

The first day is coveredThe name of the wind, released in 2007, and Day Two byThe fear of the wisein 2011. Fans are still waiting for the third and final book,The stone doors, zsome get impatient. Sounds a lot like the situation George R.R. Maritn has with hisA Song of Ice and Fireseries, right? The comparison has been made...many times.

Anyway, we get to learn a lot more about Kvothe's life, from his time on the streets to his career as a musician and learning magic at university. The thread that ties it all together is Kvothe's relentless pursuit of the people who murdered his parents: a group of seven evil mythical beings called the Chandrians.

What happened toThe Chronicle of the Kingslayertv show?

years ago,The Chronicle of the Kingslayerwas referred to as "the next".Zu War Two Thrones' by fantasy fans. I like to think it has more in common withHarry Potter: a young protagonist, a magic school, etc. But due to its epic scope and complex world-building,Zu War Two ThronesComparisons are self-evident.

tries to bringkingslayeron the screen really started whenZu War Two Thronesreached the peak of its popularity. PerDer Hollywood-Reporter, Lionsgate acquired the rights to broadcast the story in 2015. The studio planned to adapt the story not only into a television show, but also into films and even video games. You had big ambitions.

"Honestly, I've never been very interested in a direct-to-picture deal," Rothfuss said when the announcement was made. “But Lionsgate was willing to do something different, a cross-platform deal where they are developing films, TV series and games at the same time. It gives us screen time to develop the characters and show the world. Also, they treated me with incredible respect throughout the process. I never thought that a studio would appeal to me as a creative partner that understands how stories work.”

(Video) The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 Has A Release Date??

A while later, in 2017, the TV adaptation landed on Showtime, starringHamiltonAuthor Lin-Manuel Miranda was hired as executive producer. (kingslayerhas a lot of music in it so your talents would be appreciated.) John Rogers (To enjoy,The player) was commissioned to write the program.

The 10-episode TV series would not be a direct adaptation ofThe name of the windeThe fear of the wise.Instead, it should be a prequel series following two traveling musicians, presumably from the Edema Ruh, the wandering tribe to which Kvothe belongs. We never learned many details about the show, but it may have followed Kvothe's parents. I think it looks like it could have been a hit.

Unfortunately, the development did not go smoothly. On oneReddit "Ask Me Anything"In 2019, Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke openly about the roadblocks:

The honest answer? we don't break it As YOU know, it's an incredibly rich story and complex world. If we decode it, there will be news. But not until you're absolutely right. Working with Pat was a total pleasure.

However, none of this stopped him from working on the music. Apparently he started at least a few iconic songs from the books:

Lay of Sir Savien makes me pee my pants. It's not finished yet. I already have sketches for the Lady Lackless and the Chandrian tune that I did for fun on the book.https://t.co/AauBnvtP5J

—Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel)July 30, 2018

(Video) Any Updates About Kingkiller TV and Movie Adaptations? Pat Rothfuss Answers!

So what has become of the TV show three years later? Well, showtime is overgo through it. As of September 2019, Lionsgate is buying but has yet to find a home. John Rogers tried to put it on a positive note and said he's glad the show won't be taking place in the shadow ofZu War Two Thrones, but it's hard for fans to see this as anything other than bad news:

I would add that I'm pretty glad KINGKILLER isn't in the first generation of post-GAME OF THRONES shows because most of the critics aren't fans of the genre and for many bad reasons this will be their only reference for quite some time . .https://t.co/04ci3AJOfN

– John Rogers (@jonrog1)December 20, 2019

Since the show is a prequel, the network that lands needs to understand that the show is the start of a much larger franchise. This will not be a one off show. It's something that could be a universe in itself, something that takes time and dedication.

What happened toThe Chronicle of the KingslayerFilm?

If we don't know much about the TV series, the films - which would more directly adapt the books - are even more of a mystery. First we sawSpider ManDirector Sam Raimi joins the project...and then leave for some reason. Lindsey-Bier (Transformers: The Last Knight) was also hired to write the screenplays.

Otherwise we have no further news. Hope it goes faster!

It remains to be seen how long it will be before we see Rothfuss' creation on every screen, big and small. I bet it will take a while. I can't imagine many networks taking chances on an epic fantasy series when the books aren't even complete, not after what happenedZu War Two Thrones

(Video) Why a Kingkiller Chronicle Movie/TV Adaptation WON'T WORK

And who says adaptations have to be live-action? think many fansThe Chronicle of the KingslayerAs an animated series, it would be great. If you are not convinced, let me draw your attention to this amazing video animating a scene fromThe name of the wind:

In conclusion, it's probably best to leave that alonekingslayerAdjustments alone for a while until we get something more concrete. Things weren't going nearly as smoothly as anyone would have liked. Until then, we can enjoy the numerous fantasy TV shows on offer todayor magicianforCursedeAdditionally.

Next up: 10 things we need to see in The Doors Of Stone, Kingkiller Book 3

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Will there be a Kingkiller chronicles TV show? ›

But Lin-Manuel Miranda's project we most wanted to know about was The Kingkiller Chronicle, and he did talk about it a bit. Unfortunately, it's not good news. The award-winning composer confirmed that he is no longer attached to the production. “Oh I'm not on that ride anymore,” he said when asked about Kingkiller.

What happened to The Kingkiller Chronicle? ›

In July 2013, 20th Century Fox optioned The Kingkiller Chronicle for a TV series. The production team included Arnon Milchan, Andrew Plotkin, Brad Weston, and Robert Lawrence. Two years later in October, the rights to the books expired and were reverted to Rothfuss.

Is Kingkiller Chronicles a TV show or movie? ›

Feature film based on Patrick Rothfuss's book about a young man who grows up to become a notorious magician. Feature film based on Patrick Rothfuss's book about a young man who grows up to become a notorious magician.

Are the Kingkiller Chronicles done? ›

The Doors of Stone is supposed to be the third and final novel in The Kingkiller Chronicle series by American author Patrick Rothfuss.

Why is Kvothe called reshi? ›

Reshi. The name "Reshi" was given to Kvothe by Bast. It means "teacher" or "sage" in Sanskrit. Also in Hebrew "Reshef" means "Flame, Torch, her Heart".

How does Rothfuss pronounce Kvothe? ›

“My name is Kvothe, pronounced nearly the same as 'Quothe. '” Kv + Quothe = Kvothe. Simple.

Who is bast to Kvothe? ›

Bast is Kvothe's student, apprentice, and assistant who lives with him at the Waystone Inn. He is a main character in the frame story.

Does Kvothe have a ring of air? ›

If we can assume that Kvothe will learn all the small names listed then he will have have 6 rings. If he then learns a large name then we can assume he has 6+ naming rings.
"There were rings unseen on his second hand":
1Name of Stone Ring- small name
6Blood Ring- power over enemy
7Name of Air Ring- small name
7 more rows

Is cinder a Chandrian? ›

Cinder is a member of the Chandrian. He is best known in the chronicle for the murder of Kvothe's parents.

Does Rothfuss have ADHD? ›

I also have two thumbs, a beard, and ADHD!

Is Kvothe Mary Sue? ›

The protagonist, Kvothe, is a Mary Sue. He is too special, too badass, too cool, and too good. He even has a weird hair color, as if Patrick Rothfuss was worried he wasn't getting the point across how special Kvothe is. He's also basically a ripoff of the protagonist of A Wizard of Earthsea, just far worse.

What class would Kvothe be? ›

Kvothe is a performer first, so we have to choose Bard as the primary class. A distinction can be drawn between a simple performer who can play an instrument and a Bard who has found the magic in music, and Kvothe has certainly crossed that line.

Who does Kvothe lose his virginity to? ›

Kvothe turns sixteen and he's a sex machine...

Yes, Kvothe really does lose his virginity to a mythical fairy sex goddess who just happens to pop up in front of him in the woods.

Does Kvothe see Denna again? ›

A few months later after Kvothe returned from Severen, Kvothe would see Denna at a pub in Tarbean. They reconcile but do not discuss their argument.

Who is Bast Kingkiller? ›

Bastas, more commonly known as Bast, is a major protagonist in The Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss. He is also the main protagonist of The Lightning Tree, which is a prequel to the Chronicle. He is a Fae who lives in the human realm with Kvothe.

What flower did Kvothe call Denna? ›

The Selas flower is a flower in which Kvothe describes Denna during a moon light stroll in The University.

How does Skarpi know Kvothe name? ›

It was in the first book when they met for the first time. And it was at the end of one of Skarpi's story tellings, that he called Kvothe by his name.

Why did Kvothe name Auri? ›

Speculations. Fans of the series have speculated that Auri is possibly Princess Arielle that Kvothe saves from Sleeping Barrow Kings. Some believe the name "Auri" may have resulted from Kvothe's innate talent for naming, as seen with the horse Keth-Selhan.

Does Elodin teach Kvothe? ›

Elodin's character is fairly minor in The Name of the Wind, entering primarily to offer Kvothe cryptic lessons while displaying a somewhat unbalanced demeanor.

Is Kvothe a unreliable narrator? ›

[Originally posted on my blog.] In my recent discussion of The Name of the Wind, one of the things that has come up is the way in which Kvothe is an unreliable narrator, and the text does or does not separate the character's sexism out from the sexism of the story as a whole.

Is Lanre the Chandrian? ›

Lanre became Haliax after he betrayed Selitos and destroyed Myr Tanriel. Afterwards, it is likely he founded the Chandrian. The word Chandrian means 'seven of them' in Temic, as they have seven members.

Who is cinder Kingkiller? ›

Cinder is a major antagonist from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. He is a member of the mysterious, malicious group known as the Chandrian. In the novels, he is the most seen out of all the Chandrian, and is notable for killing Kvothe's parents.

Is Bast the eye of Ra? ›

Bast/Bastet was the protector and guardian of Lower Egypt. She was the patron goddess of fire fighters, because the Egyptians believed that a cat running through a building on fire would draw the flames out. She was also one of the goddesses who was known as the "eye of Ra" or the "eye of Atum," the sun.

What did the Cathay say to Kvothe? ›

Essentially the Cthaeh tells Kvothe to stick with the Maer to find the Amyr. He tells Kvothe this knowing that the Maer will throw him out and pay for his tuition at the University, in Imre (Amyr-re).

Is Kvothe the strongest? ›

Kvothe is one of the most powerful namers ever.

Is Ambrose the king that Kvothe kills? ›

Ambrose will be the King Kvothe kills. Throughout the series, its mentioned that Ambrose's family is getting closer and closer to the Throne. Ambrose fancies himself a poet. Kvothe carries a sword named “Poet Killer".

Is Cinder The Queen of Luna? ›

Cinder was the last Queen of Luna as she willingly abdicated the throne and transferred the government into a republic. Cinder would later become the Empress of the Eastern Commonwealth.

Is Mr Ash a Cinder? ›

Many events in the Chronicle point to the theory that Master Ash is Cinder. After the Fishery fire, Kvothe arrives at the Eolian to find that Denna has left with a white-haired man. This matches Cinder's description, although no mention is made of his other distinguishing features.

Is Cinder mentioned in Scarlet? ›

Wolf visits Scarlet in her cell and kisses her in order to give her an ID chip, which she uses to escape and go to her grandmother's cell. Michelle Benoit tells Scarlet that Cinder is Princess Selene and that she must find her.

Whats the rarest ADHD? ›

The rarest type of ADHD diagnosed is the hyperactive-impulsive type with no indication of inattentive or distracted behavior, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

What geniuses have ADHD? ›

Successful People with ADHD
  • Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps, born in 1985, is a legendary sportsman who was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, according to Psychology Today. ...
  • Richard Branson. ...
  • Rory Bremner. ...
  • Jamie Oliver. ...
  • Leonardo da Vinci. ...
  • John F Kennedy. ...
  • Justin Timberlake. ...
  • Bill Gates.

Do kids with ADHD have high IQ? ›

A popular misconception is that all children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are naturally smarter and have a higher IQ than children without ADHD. However, there is no correlation between this condition and intelligence.

Who commits malfeasance Kvothe? ›

Also in the Chronicle, Kvothe becomes the unwitting victim of malfeasence conducted by Ambrose Jakis after Kvothe breaks into his room and leaves behind some of his blood.

Is Denna a Lackless? ›

Denna is Lady Lackless. Kvothe is Illien heir. Together they are Savien and Aloine, Lyra and Lanre. They are "in perfect harmony" - scene after they sing Lay of Sir Savien.

Is Gandalf a Mary Sue? ›

Gandalf is essentially Tolkien's Mary Sue.

Are there 8 Chandrian? ›

The Chandrian are a group of seven beings known in myth and folklore throughout Temerant. They are alternatively known as the Seven and the Rhinta.

How old was Kvothe in Tarbean? ›

Kvothe should be well into his thirteenth year by the time he reaches Tarbean, but he says, “That was the first night of nearly three years I spent in Tarbean.” He means roughly twenty one months. In any case he's still 12.

How long did Kvothe spend in the Fae? ›

Kvothe estimates that the time he spent with Felurian in Fae is around the length a year, despite only three days passing in the mortal world, as time passes differently in Fae.

How is Dæmon pronounced? ›

The word daemon is an alternative spelling of demon, and is pronounced /ˈdiːmən/ DEE-mən. In the context of computer software, the original pronunciation /ˈdiːmən/ has drifted to /ˈdeɪmən/ DAY-mən for some speakers.

How do you pronounce Æsahættr? ›

  1. Phonetic spelling of Aesahaettr. AY-sa-he-ter.
  2. Meanings for Aesahaettr.
  3. Examples of in a sentence.

Is Denna a manic pixie dream girl? ›

For those of you who haven't read the book, Denna is, essentially, the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl trope from modern film.

What is the point of Felurian? ›

Felurian is a legendary figure in The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. She is an immortal Fae who uses her power to seduce men and lure them into the Fae realm. She is famous and many songs and stories are written about her.

What are the three fears of a wise man? ›

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

What does Auri give Kvothe? ›

Auri gives Kvothe a key for the moon as a gift.

Does Kvothe have cinders sword? ›

Kvothe describes Cinder's sword as "elegant". His sword was pale and elegant. How is Folly described? He drew the sword without a flourish.

Is Kvothe a good guy? ›

Kvothe, for the most part, is a good person, and tries to rise above the depravity of mankind, but is still very flawed. He is quick to act and arrogant at times, and he is not above stealing and lying to achieve his goals. He has his flaws, and those flaws come back to bite him.

Is The Name of the Wind getting a movie? ›

Sam Raimi to Direct the Film Adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind. Patrick Rothfuss' series The Kingkiller Chronicle will get an appropriately epic multimedia adaptation, with both a television series and a feature film exploring different corners of Rothfuss' universe.

What happened to name of the wind? ›

The masters vote to expel Kvothe but then immediately vote to rescind the expulsion in a move that was seemingly planned before the trial. He will receive lashes for his punishment instead. Then Elodin pulls Kvothe aside to give him more amazing news: He's been promoted to Re'lar because he was able to call the wind.

Is there a 3rd book to name of the wind? ›

The Kingkiller Chronicle Series 3 Books Collection Set by Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear & The Slow Regard of Silent Things)

How much is a talent worth in Kingkiller? ›

A talent is worth one-tenth of a gold mark and ten times a copper jot . Valuation of common items throughout events told in Kvothe's tale reveal the talent to be a significant amount of money for most common folk. As an example, a bunk and a meal chit in the Mews for a term costs one talent.

Is Denna an angel? ›

It has been speculated that Denna is more than human, some believing that she could be a Fae, or a personification of the moon, or is even one of Tehlu's angels, because of the following reasons: She often disappears without warning, for long periods of time, with no explanation upon her return about why she left.


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