Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (2023)

When the time came when boys made drama more popular, South Korean BL dramas gained popularity both locally and internationally. South Korea's BL series have managed to gain attention and popularity in recent years. You will see many new BL dramas and series scheduled to premiere in 2022.

These are some of the must seesSouth Korea BL seriesOfI have to lookbefore you claim your crown as a BL fan. This BLThe dramas are very romanticand cute, but they're often short, so they're quickly done in one sitting.


Top 10 Thai BL Series (Boys Love Dramas) in 2022

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Top 10 Korean BL Series in 2022

10. WINTERBLAU (2022)

Gender: school romance, Romantic, BL, Juventud

Total episodes:5

Duration:10 minutes per episode


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„Winter Blue“ erzählt dasStory of HyunWoo and JiSeok, third-year college students who are in a romantic relationship.Relationship.

DoJin is a newcomer known as "Judo Genius". DoJin will become closer to HyunWoo, who is a senior in judo and has his heart swelling. But his confession was not accepted and he was subsequently selected for national level staff and inducted into the Athletes' Village. Six years later, DoJin became a gold medalist, HyunWoo became a senior in college, and JiSeok returned to Korea after discovering it abroad. They fight alone and then reunite for the first time in six years.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (4)

9. AZUL (2022)

Gender:Romance, Juventud, Drama

Total episodes:11

Duration:14 minutes per episode


bluing is onKorean BL series about two film schoolsstudents in difficult relationships.

The drama centers on young Cha Siwon (Kang Eun Bin), who juggled his life in hopes of earning the utmost respect from his peers. He was introduced to Hyeong Daun (Jo Hyuk Joon), who was born with an aura that attracts the attention of others, causing Siwon's popularity to wane. The result is shocking and surprising. From rivals, their friendship grows to the point where their lives revolve around each other.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (5)


Gender: Romance, Juventud, Drama

Total episodes:8

Duration:25 minutes per episode


After the death of her parents, Seo Hae Bom has to moveheimby a family friend with a child named Jo Tae Seong. They grow up together, but their relationship if they end up on the same levelSchool class together for the first time. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between the two main actors.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (6)

7. COLOR FEVER 2 (2022)

Gender:Thriller, Mystery, Romantik, Jugend

Total episodes:8

Duration:15 minutes per episode

Rot:TV-LINE, Viki

The plot of this 2022 Korean BL mini-series Color Rush 2 picks up after six months where the first left off.



Enemies of Lovers Top 12 BL Romance Dramas/Series

Color Rush Season 2 tells the story of YeonWoo who searches for YuHan while tracking his mother's disappearance where SeHyun, a classmate of YeonWoo, tries to protect YeonWoo.

The plot for itKorean Drama BLIt's interesting and different from others, like the world of Mono. Fantasy, thriller genre like this. Yes, it's not easy having this plot to be honest.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (8)


Gender:Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Total episodes:6

Duration:25 minutes per episode

Rot:Back Netflix

First Love Again is a Korean fantasy BL series that follows a born again man searching for the long lost love of his life.

Well-known web author Yeon Seok has a big secret. He's lived over 300 years to find out when he first fell in love. He is looking for his first lover, Jeong Ha Yeon, who stands before him as a 25-year-old. Yeon Seok, who never thought his first love would be reborn as a man, initially pushes Ha Yeon away. But since Ha Yeon is Yeon Seok's editor for Sin Bi's books, Yeon Seok can't get rid of Ha Yeon and they naturally become closer over time.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (9)


Gender:Romance, school, youth, supernatural

Total episodes:8

Duration:11 minutes per episode


Kissable Lips is aKorean drama BLabout vampires.

The story follows a 500-year-old vampire named Jun Ho who is on the brink of death for committing an act in his past that is considered "vampire taboo." In order to stay alive, he must consume the blood of a pure-blood human. It must drink enough blood to live but not enough to kill the human. In this way he will be able to be fully human and continue living his life like humans, growing old and falling in love and dying at the end of the day.

The problem is that in order to be successful, Jun Ho needs to attract the attention of purebloods who want to drink. Knowing this, Jun Ho sets out to win over our adorable nugget Min Hyun. However, he soon falls in love with Min Hyun just as quickly as Min Hyun fell in love with the latter, jeopardizing his plan. Things get complicated when an ex-acquaintance is determined to put an end to Jun Ho and Min Hyun's budding romance. Even if he has to kill himself to do it.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (10)

4. KIND OF LOVE (2022)

Gender:romance, youth

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Top 20 New Popular Korean Dramas in 2022

Total episodes:6

Duration:20 minutes per episode


Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two college students.

Adorable but shy communications student Cha Ji Woo signs up on campus for a popular topic called "Love Class," which also includes the beautiful Ryu In Ah, a girl he has a crush on. Hopes of bonding with Yu Na are dashed when she teams up with Kim Tae Hwan, an elderly woman, to complete tasks that require a date and a lot of time together. With Hyun Jun still trying to get in touch with Yu Na, Ro-A seems to have a more superficial attraction to Hyun Jun. Who will end up with whom?

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (12)

3. I LIKE THE SEA (2022)

Gender:Food, Romance, Drama

Total episodes:8

Duration:15 minutes per episode


"Ocean Like Me" is a Korean healing food BLromantic seriesThis brings together Han Ba ​​​​​​Da, a young entrepreneur who dreams of opening an udon restaurant with an ocean as a backdrop but struggles to serve customers. Ba Da then meets Tommy, the failed musician. Tommy returns to his hometown after a trip and pursues a new goal. Together, the two move toward their goals.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (13)

2. Ouch! RETIREMENT (2022)

Gender:Romantic comedy

Total episodes:8

Duration:15 minutes per episode


Oh! Boarding House is a Korean BL comedy romance series.

(Video) Top 10 Korean BL Series + Upcoming Korean BLs in 2022 | THAI BL

Oh! Boarding House' is about the dismissal of Shin Yong Seok, who runs a guest house run by his mother in order to get housing and make a living. While his mother is on vacation, Seol must contend with a mixed group of men living at the property, including new tenant Im Sung Kyun, who, due to a bizarre turn of events, saves Seol's life once he arrives to expressing his gratitude, Seol practically pursues Cheol Soo. What starts as a confusing tenant-caretaker relationship grows into so much more.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (14)


Gender:comedy, romance, school, youth

Total episodes:8

Duration:25 minutes per episode

Rot:Viki, Apple TV

This Korean BLDrama is a funny college drama starring Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan.Papers

Chu Sang Woo's student "Straight A" who is extremely meticulous and serious when it comes to his work.

So if you are given an assignment that everyone gives you responsibility for, let the teachers know that no one contributed anything that causes the other members of the group to fail. Popular student Jang Jae Young's plans to continue his studies are cut short by losing one of his credits, so the student decides to torture Chu Sang Woo. However, as they work to develop a game, they interact more and fall in love with each other. This is pretty typical terrain, as is all in the BL genre of enemies for lovers, but it's entertaining.

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (15)

Bonus: To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (2022)

Gender:romantic, dramatic

Total episodes:10

Duration:25 minutes per episode


To My Star 2 Our Untold Stories is the second season of the Korean BL series To My Star. The sequel continues the romance between a well-known actor and a regular chef.

As his professional life gradually deteriorated, South Korea's biggest star, Kang Seo Joon, worried he would never be happy again. However, after a chance encounter with the talented chef Han Ji Woo in his life, Seo Joon was sure his luck would soon change. Despite their different personalities, both the chef and the celebrity found it impossible to resist the mutual attraction. Seo Joon and Ji Woo fell in love and thought they had a happy ending. But their happiness is short-lived when one of them disappears, leaving nothing but a note. Will these two be lost without each other?Lovers find a way back or have their fairy tale romancereally over?

Top 10 Korean BL Boys Dramas/Series in 2022 (16)

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What was the most popular BL in 2022? ›

Eternal Yesterday is the best BL drama in 2022. This epic love story combines profound themes, a sensitive romance, and emotive acting to create a masterpiece. It uses a brilliant plot device to convey thoughtful messages about grief and tragedy.

What is the highest rated Kdrama 2022? ›

Here is our pick of the best Korean dramas of 2022, ranked from good to great.
  1. Little Women.
  2. My Liberation Notes. ...
  3. Twenty-Five Twenty-One. ...
  4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo. ...
  5. Anna: Director's Cut. ...
  6. Pachinko. ...
  7. Our Blues. ...
  8. Shadow Detective. ...
Dec 27, 2022

Which BL series is trending now? ›

My recommendations include Bad Buddy (2021), Cherry Magic (2020), and Semantic Error (2022). Check out the list of sweet and cute BL series.

What is the most popular BL drama? ›

List of Best BL Series and Dramas
  • Eternal Yesterday (2022)
  • More Than Words (2022)
  • My School President (2022)
  • Old Fashion Cupcake (2022)
  • Plus & Minus (2022)
  • Semantic Error (2022)
  • The Eclipse (2022)
  • To My Star 2 (2022)

Who is the No 1 BL actor in the world? ›

[GRAND WINNER] Kanawut Traipipattanapong - No. 1 at the Winners List of The 100 Most Handsome BL Actors 2021. wystarstudio Official video for 2022 Winners List is already out!...

Which country is BL most popular? ›

Though Thailand won the prize as far as quantity of production of live action BLs, Japan still reigns supreme as far as familiarity with the genre. BL manga in all its variation is still massively popular in Japan.

Which K-drama is trending now 2022? ›

The 10 best Korean dramas of 2022
  1. Twenty Five Twenty One. Season: limited series.
  2. Pachinko. Season: one. ...
  3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Season: one. ...
  4. My Liberation Notes. Season: limited series. ...
  5. Business Proposal. Season: limited series. ...
  6. Juvenile Justice. Season: one. ...
  7. Little Women. Season: limited series. ...
  8. Our Blues. Season: limited series. ...
Dec 19, 2022

Which is the No 1 drama in Korea? ›

1. The World of the Married (2020)

What is the top 5 Korean drama? ›

10 Best Korean Dramas & Series on Netflix in January 2023
  1. Squid Game – 1 season (2021 – present) ...
  2. My Name – 1 season (2021) ...
  3. Mr. Sunshine – 1 season (2018) ...
  4. Crash Landing On You – 1 season (2019 – 2020) ...
  5. Our Blues – 1 season (2022) ...
  6. Signal – 1 season (2016) ...
  7. Kingdom – 2 seasons (2020 – present)
Jan 5, 2023

What is the best BL drama on Netflix? ›

  • Kill Your Darlings.
  • Cobalt Blue.
  • Your Name Engraved Herein.
  • Supernova.
  • Blue Gate Crossing.
  • Ride or Die.
  • Elisa & Marcela.
  • The Boys in the Band.

How popular is BL in Korea? ›

It is number 3 on its Korean streaming platform Watcha, receiving unprecedented interest both globally and domestically. This has led to a number of new Korean BLs being greenlit with all indications of an upward trajectory in the coming years. BL has not progressed in a linear manner.

What is the first BL in the world? ›

One of the most prominent writers of the era was the now legendary Takemiya Keiko, who challenged both gender norms and sexual boundaries in her works. Notably, her 17-volume series Kaze to ki no uta is considered to be the first BL manga.

What is the most popular BL in Thailand? ›

MaxTul are probably the most popular BL coupling in Thailand. Although the storyline did falter in some places with its odd pacing, they managed to salvage the show with their exceptional acting talents.

Why is BL so famous? ›

One of the reasons why many young people watch BL series is the attractive men. These actors are not only handsome but they also work out and look every bit like the hot characters described in the manga. Secondly, the on-screen chemistry between the two attractive leads.

Who is most famous BL actors? ›

Top Thai BL actors 2022
  • Mew Suppasit.
  • Jeff Satur. ...
  • Apo Nattawin. ...
  • Zee Pruk. ...
  • Nanon Korapat. ...
  • Ohm Pawat. ...
  • PP Krit. ...
  • Mile Phakphum. Mile Phakphum Romsaithong, 30, stole hearts with his portrayal of KinnPorsche's mafia boss, Kinn. ...
Dec 31, 2022

Who started BL? ›

BL is male-male romantic content, originally created and marketed towards women by female manga artists in Japan to challenge gender and sexual norms in the 1970s.

Who is most handsome in Thailand? ›

Surasak "Tor" Muangkaew was named the most handsome man in Thailand on Saturday, and it's not difficult to see why. Judges swooned over the chiselled looks and buff body of the "Mister International Thailand 2022" contestant, in the event held at Show DC mall in central Bangkok.

Who is the target audience for BL? ›

In contrast, BL has some gay and bisexual — as well as heterosexual male — readers, but its fan base is predominantly heterosexual young women. Around 60 percent of them are aged between 15 and 29 years old.

What does GL mean in BL series? ›

What are GL and BL stories? GL (Girl's Love) stories basically mean that the main couple of the story is two girls. As for BL (Boy's Love) stories, it's about the two boys being in love.

What is the most popular Chinese BL? ›

Number 1 may surprise you!
  • 8) The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty. ...
  • 7) Addicted. ...
  • 6) Guardian. ...
  • 5) Winter Begonia. ...
  • 4) SCI Mystery. ...
  • 3) Word Of Honour. ...
  • 2) The Untamed. ...
  • 1) Killer and Healer. Overview: This story follows two very different men; one kills, while the other heals.
Aug 17, 2022

What is Korea's top 10 Netflix today? ›

Top 10 By Country
#TV in South KoreaWeeks in Top 10
1Crash Course in Romance: Season 17
2Mr. Queen3
3Red Balloon: Season 19
4In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal: Season 11
6 more rows

Which drama is best in 2022? ›

Best Drama Movies 2022
  • #1. Happening. 99% #1. ...
  • #2. Till. 96% #2. ...
  • #3. Aftersun. 96% #3. ...
  • #4. No Bears. 100% #4. ...
  • #5. Girl Picture. 99% #5. ...
  • #6. Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. 94% ...
  • #7. Argentina, 1985. 95% #7. ...
  • #8. To Leslie. 93% #8.

Who Is Biggest K-drama star? ›

Question: Who are the most popular K-drama actors? Answer: Among the most popular K-drama actors are Song Hye-kyo, Song Joong-ki and Lee Min-ho. Each of them are better known for their television appearances than big screen performances.

What is BTS favorite K-dramas? ›

Exciting Kdramas recommended by BTS
  • Crash Landing On You – J Hope. Directed by: Lee Jeong Hyo. ...
  • Twenty Five Twenty One – Jungkook. Directed by: Jung Ji-Hyun. ...
  • Sky Castle – RM, Suga, Jin. Directed by: Jo Hyun-Tak. ...
  • Squid Game – V. ...
  • Sweet Home – RM. ...
  • Kingdom- Jimin. ...
  • Itaewon Class – V. ...
  • Business Proposal – Jungkook.
Jan 30, 2023

What is the most viewed Korean drama? ›

On the top of this list is “What's Wrong With Secretary Kim,” which has already become a legendary rom-com in just a few years! Park Seo Joon plays Lee Young Joon, a boss whose secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), is ready to quit working for him.

Which is the best Korean love story? ›

Best Korean Romantic Drama Of all time
  • Descendants of the Sun (2016) ...
  • My Love from Another Star (2013–2014) ...
  • That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013) ...
  • Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017) ...
  • Welcome to Waikiki (2018–2019) ...
  • Nine: Nine Time Travels (2013) ...
  • Something in the Rain (2018) ...
  • Fight for My Way (2017)

What are the big 3 Kdrama? ›

The Big Three: Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun.

What is the longest Kdrama ever? ›

What is the longest K drama? With 167 episodes, Heaven & Earth is the longest K drama.

Which is the cutest Korean drama? ›

'Heirs' In a traditional yet beautiful rich-boy-poor-girl love story, Heirs follows Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), who falls in love with his maid's (Kim Mi Kyung) daughter, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). When they first meet in America, he thinks she's just another random girl, but something about her enchants him.

Is there any Thai BL series on Netflix? ›

1. 2gether: The Series – Pror Rao Koo Gun. Adapted from a fanfiction by the writer, JittiRain, on Dek-D – a Thai webboard popular among high school students – Pror Rao Koo Gun, or 2gether: The Series, is known as the “gateway” to BL dramas. The series follows two college boys – both with pretty faces.

Is the best story a BL? ›

The Best Story depicts a sweet, simple, and sentimental high school romance. This BL drama doesn't do anything too different from the norm, so the ordinary love story between two teenagers will feel familiar to you. The age-appropriate wholesomeness will appeal to younger (and older) BL fans.

What is Korean BL called? ›

But, what is BL? it is short for Boy's Love, BL is currently the most accepted and widely used term for anime and manga with Boy x Boy themes and romantic relationships.

Is there any Korean BL series? ›

Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two university students. The leads attend the same class, paired together for a group project. Initially, the main character has a crush on his pretty female friend.

Is hookup culture big in Korea? ›

South Korean society is slowly but steadily opening up to sexual culture. According to one survey, more than 62 percent of male respondents and 39 percent of female respondents said they would start having sexual intercourse within a month of dating.

Who are the most shipped couples? ›

  • # 1. Taehyung & Jungkook. BTS's Taekook. Share. ...
  • # 2. Jennie & Lisa. BlackPink's Jenlisa. Share. ...
  • # 3. Taehyung & Jisoo. BTS - BlackPink. Share. ...
  • # 4. Taehyung & Jennie. BTS - BlackPink. Share. ...
  • # 5. Rose & Lisa. BlackPink's Chaelisa. Share. ...
  • # 6. Jungkook & Lisa. BTS - BlackPink. ...
  • # 7. Jimin & Jungkook. BTS's Jikook. ...
  • # 8. Jimin & Suga. BTS's Yoonmin.

Is BL famous in Japan? ›

In the past few years, BL dramas have seen an increase in viewership and popularity and hence many Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Korea have also dipped their toes into the lucrative market.

What is the most famous BL Webtoon? ›

15 Hot BL Webtoons Taking The Fandom By Storm
  1. 1 Painter of the Night by Byeonduck.
  2. 2 Love or Hate by Bakdam and Youngha. ...
  3. 3 Sign by Ker. ...
  4. 4 Killing Stalking by Koogi. ...
  5. 5 Legs That Won't Walk by Black Apricot. ...
  6. 6 Take Off by jui___ ...
  7. 7 Boyfriends by refrainbow. ...
  8. 8 BJ Alex by Mingwa. ...
7 days ago

What is boy love boy called? ›

The yaoi fandom consists of the readers of yaoi (also called Boys' Love or abbreviated to BL), a genre of male x male romance narratives aimed at those who participate in communal activities organized around yaoi, such as attending conventions, maintaining or posting to fansites, creating fan fiction or fan art, etc.

Can a boy be in love with a boy? ›

Short answer: Yes. Many men identify as straight but still experience romantic or sexual attractions to other men. For years, study1 after study has found this to be the case.

Is BL famous in China? ›

Yet, China's BL genre has already grown so popular that it has spread beyond the country's borders, ironically becoming part of Beijing's soft power. Besides animated and live-action series — which overseas fans can browse on Netflix — BL literature (known as danmei) has also crept into mainstream culture.

What is BL called in Thai? ›

Known locally as Y shows, and globally as Boys' Love (BL) dramas, the serials are poised to compete with South Korean telenovelas for viewership in Asia and beyond. Some see BL as Thailand's soft power, doing for the Southeast Asian nation's global image what the yoga boom has done for India or K-pop for South Korea.

Who is the first BL actor in Thailand? ›

Kanaphan Puitrakul, nicknamed First, is an actor born in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his secondary education in Suankularb Wittayalai School.
TitleF4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers add Thai Drama, 2021, 16 eps Phupha (Ep. 1, 6, 11) (Guest Role)
RolePhupha (Ep. 1, 6, 11) Guest Role
11 more columns

Why is GL not as popular as BL? ›

Typically, GL is more tailored for guy readers. BL is tailored for girl readers. Chicks like guys digging guys. Either way, GL is not a popular or known genre on Webnovel.

What was the first ever BL? ›

Fujimoto believes that BL in the general sense first emerged as shōnen-ai (adolescent boys' love) in girls' manga in the 1970s, offering depictions of strong bonds and erotic encounters between adolescent boys. Until the mid-1960s, most manga for girls were created by male artists.

Why BL series is popular? ›

BL's escapist storylines and vaguely androgynous actors were an instant hit with audiences seeking to block out a depressing new reality of lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing measures, and quarantine.

What app can i read BL for free? ›

MangaToon is a free app for reading comics, manhua, manhwa & manga. A trusty platform for you to enjoy all kinds of comics, novels and chat stories! ► Hottest comics updated on a regular basis. You can explore various genres here – Romance, Fantasy, Action, BL, Mystery…


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