New York Theatre: 2022 DRAMA DESK AWARD WINNER – Stage & Film (2023)


Well well well. Bless the Drama Desk 2021-2022 nominating committee. Not only were their nominations truly for merit (compared to all the awards for so-called "awakened" theater from other organizations), but the winners were chosen fairly, even in some very, VERY narrow categories. Design winsFlying over the sunsetat Lincoln Center they are being well cared for and given to a show that has not caught fire. Barry Manilow and book winner Bruce Sussman gave up a great musicalHarmony,but winner for best musicalKimberly AkimboIt was only fair as this was the most strikingly original musical I've seen all i learned to driveIt was without a doubt the best revival.

The Drama Desk Awards are presented annually and honor outstanding performance by professional performers on Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Broadway.These are the prices that follow, as they are voted on and awarded by theater critics, journalists, editors and publishers who cover theatre. they areMartha Wade Steketee, Peter Filichia, Kenji Fujishima, Juan Michael Porter II, Ayanna Prescod, Zachary Stewart, jtive trans

Consistent with the Drama Desk's mission, nominators considered shows that opened between July 2, 2021 and May 1, 2022 on Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway for this year's awards. Only live submissions were allowed; When performances were also available for streaming, 21 or more unique live performances were required.

those yearsDrama Desk Priceswill be held June 14 from 3-6pm at Sardi's (234 W 44th Street). MRenée Elise Goldsberry(Hamilton; The colour purple; girl5eva) will moderate together with moderatorsCharles Busch, Kerry Butler, Liz Callaway, Lileana Blain-Cruz, Max von Essen, Santino Fontana, Jessica Hecht, Brittany Johnson, Leslie Kritzer, Derek McLane, Heidi Schreck, Talia Suskauer, jSanaz Toossi.There will also be performances by the winner of the 2020 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revival:little horror shop, the cast ofHarmony,jthe broadway boys.

Broadway on requestthe Drama Desk Awards 2022 will be broadcast free of charge. Viewers can stream the awards live by creating a FREE login (email/password). Once they do this, they will be redirected to the viewing page. A login can be createdHere. Viewers can log onto Broadway On Demand beginning at 2:45 p.m. M. June 14th.


These are the winners (highlighted and featured**):

extraordinary game
Cullud Wattah, by Erika Dickerson-Despenza, The Public Theater
English, von Sanaz Toossi, Atlantic Theatre Company
**Prayer for the French Republic, von Joshua Harmon, Theatre Club of Manhattan
sanctuary cityby Martyna Majok, New York Theater Workshop
rotate Kabul, von Sylvia Khoury, Playwrights Horizons
the chinese lady, by Lloyd Suh, The Public Theater

musically extraordinary
Harmony, Teatro Nacional Yiddish Folksbiene
underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
**Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
the hillside, HERE Kunstzentrum

Excellent revival of a play
for the black girls who've been contemplating suicide / when the rainbow is enough
**How ​​I learned to drive, Theater Club of Manhattan
Blues von Lackawanna, Theater Club of Manhattan
skeleton crew, Theater Club of Manhattan
problem in the head, Roundabout Theatre Company
Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, author's theater

Outstanding Revival of a Musical
assassin, Society for classical performances
Baby, Extraordinary Theater
Caroline or change, Roundabout Theatre Company

Best Actor in a Play
Brandon J. Dirden, skeleton crew, Theater Club of Manhattan
Jesse Tyler Ferguson,question me, Second Stage Theater
Jacob Ming Trent,happy wives, The Public Theater (Free Shakespeare in the Park)
**Ruben Santiago-Hudson,Blues von Lackawanna, Theater Club of Manhattan
John Douglas Thompson,The Merchant of Venice, theater for a new audience

Best Leading Actress in a Play
Tala Ashe,English, Atlantic Theatre Company
Ruth Negga,Macbeth
Andrea Patterson,Cullud Wattah, The Public Theater
** Phylicia Rashad,skeleton crew, Theater Club of Manhattan
Shannon Tyo,the chinese lady,The People's Theater
Michelle Wilson,Confederates, author's theater

Best Actor in a Musical
Billy Kristall,Mr Saturday night
Myles Frost,M.J.
Rob McClure,Lady. Doubt Fire
**Jaquel Spivey,a strange loop
Chip ver,Harmony, Teatro Nacional Yiddish Folksbiene

Best Actress in a Musical
Kearstin Piper Brown,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Victoria Clark,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
Sharon D. Clarke,Caroline or change, Roundabout Theatre Company
Juana De Waal,Diana
**Joaquin Kalukango,Paradiesplatz

Best Actor in a Play
Joshua Boone,skeleton crew, Theater Club of Manhattan
Chuck Cooper,problem in the head, Roundabout Theatre Company
Daniel K. Isaac,the chinese lady, The Public Theater
billy eugene jones,in sugar country, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
**Ron Cephas Jones,by Clyde, Second Stage Theater

Best Leading Actress in a Play
**Francisco Benhamou,Prayer for the French Republic, Theater Club of Manhattan
Stephanie Berry,in sugar country, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
Sonny Brown,what you are now, Studio-Theater-Ensemble
Long page,Out of time, NAATCO und The Public Theater
Kenita R. Miller,for the black girls who've been contemplating suicide / when the rainbow is enough
kara jung,by Clyde, Second Stage Theater

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
Justin Austin,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Justin Cooley,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
**Matt Doyle,Pursue
Jared Grimes,funny girl
Tavon Olds-Shows,M.J.

Best Actress in a Musical
Judy Kuehn,assassin, Society for classical performances
Tamika Lawrence,no longer black, The new group
**Patti LuPone,Pursue
Bonnie Milligan,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
Jennifer Simard,Pursue

Outstanding Director of a Play
Knud Adams,English, Atlantic Theatre Company
sahim ali,happy wives, The Public Theater (Free Shakespeare in the Park)
**Rebeca Frecknall,sanctuary city, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
Taibi Magar,Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, author's theater
Whitney Blanco,in sugar country, New Yorker Theaterworkshop

Outstanding Director of a Musical
Juan Doyle,assassin, Society for classical performances
**Marianne Elliott,Pursue
Lucy Moss und Jamie Armitage,Six
Bartlett Sher,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Jessica Piedra,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company

extraordinary choreography
Ayodele Casel (Steppchoreographie),funny girl
carrie anne ingrouille,Six
**Bill T. Jones, Garrett Coleman and Jason Oremus (Irish + Hammerstep), Gelan Lambert and Chloe Davis (Staff),Paradiesplatz
Christopher Wheeldon, Michael Balderrama (Contributor), Rich + Tone Taleuega (Michael Jackson Movement),M.J.

extraordinary music
**Toby Marlow und Lucy Moss,Six
Jason Howland,Paradiesplatz
Rayo Kumpel,the hillside, HERE Kunstzentrum
Carrie Rodriguez,American!
jeanine treasures,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company

extraordinary texts
amanda green,Mr Saturday night
Taylor Mac,the hillside, HERE Kunstzentrum
**Toby Marlow und Lucy Moss,Six
David Lindsay-Abaire,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
Lynn Nottage,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Shaina Taub,suffers, The Public Theater

Outstanding Book of a Musical
Billy Crystal, Lowell Ganz y Babaloo Mandel,Mr Saturday night
Toby Marlow und Lucy Moss,Six
Lynn Nottage,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater
**Bruce Susmann,Harmony, Teatro Nacional Yiddish Folksbiene

outstanding orchestrations
Tom Curran,Six
Greg Jarret,assassin, Society for classical performances
Mark Hartman and Yasuhiko Fukuoka,the streets of New York, Irish repertory theatre
**Jason Michael Webb and David Holcenberg,M.J.

Outstanding music in a play
Te'La y Kamauu,thoughts of a colored person
**Bill Sims Jr.,Blues von Lackawanna, Theater Club of Manhattan
Michael Thurber and Farai Malianga (percussion compositions),happy wives, The Public Theater (Free Shakespeare in the Park)

Outstanding set design for a play
beowulf boritt,happy wives, The Public Theater (Free Shakespeare in the Park)
Ken Wilson,To ignore
Marsha Ginsberg,English, Atlantic Theatre Company
**Takeshi-Kata,from Clyde,Second Stage Theater
Jung Hyun Georgia Lee,Kristina Wong,lord of exploitation, New Yorker Theaterworkshop

Outstanding set design for a musical
Emma Bailey,Six
**Beowulf Boritt,fly over the sunset, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Hase Christie,Pursue
david zin,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company

Best Costume Design for a Play
Linda Cho,the chinese lady, The Public Theater
Gregorio Gale,Muffin
Tilly Grimes,The Alchemist, Red Bull Theater
queen jean,in sugar country, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
**Jennifer Moeller,by Clyde, Second Stage Theater

Best Costume Design for a Musical
machine glare,the hillside, HERE Kunstzentrum
susan hilferty,funny girl
saint loquasto,there Musician
**Gabriella Slade,Six
Catalina Zuber,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater

Outstanding lighting design for a play
**Christoph Akerlind,by Clyde, Second Stage Theater
Reza Behjat,English, Atlantic Theatre Company
Isabel Byrd,sanctuary city, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
** Amit Chandrashaker,Prayer for the French Republic, Theater Club of Manhattan
Jeanette Oi-Suk Tejo,Cullud Wattah, The Public Theater

Excellent lighting design for a musical
Natascha Katz,Diana
**Natascha Katz,M.J.
**Rey Bradley,fly over the sunset, Lincoln-Center-Theater
jennifer tipton,underwear, Lincoln-Center-Theater

Outstanding projection design
**59 The production,fly over the sunset, Lincoln-Center-Theater
David Bengali,Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, author's theater
Stephania Bulbarella and Alex Basco Koch,space dogs, MCC-Theater
Shawn Duan,the chinese lady, The Public Theater
Sven Ortel,thoughts of a colored person

Excellent sound design for a play
Tyler Kieffer,Seven Deadly Sins, Tectonic Theatre Project und Madison Wells Live
Hidenori Nakajo und Ryan Rumery,royal autumn, Irish repertory theatre
** Ben and Max Ringham,Cyrano von Bergerac, The Jamie Lloyd Company an der Brooklyn Academy of Music
Mikaal Sulaiman,sanctuary city, New Yorker Theaterworkshop
Lee Kinney,rotate Kabul, Playwright Horizonte

Outstanding sound design for a musical
Ian Dickinson for an autograph,Pursue
Paul Torhaus,Six
Kai Harada,Kimberly Akimbo, Atlantic Theatre Company
**Gareth Owen,M.J.

Exceptional wig and hair
Mateo B. Armentrout,Paradiesplatz
**David Brian Brown,Lady. Doubt Fire
Pablo Huntley,Diana
Charles G. La Pointe,M.J.

Outstanding solo performance
Alex Edelmann,Just for us, Teatro Cherry Lane
Arthur Luis Sorianor my mother, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater
**Kristina Wong,Kristina Wong,lord of exploitation, New Yorker Theaterworkshop

unique theater experience
**Seven Deadly Sins, Tectonic Theatre Project und Madison Wells Live

extraordinary customization
** Cheerful companions, von Jocelyn Bioh, The Public Theatre (Free Shakespeare in the Park)
The Alchemist, von Jeffrey Hatcher, Teatro Red Bull

Excellent doll design
Amanda Villalobos,play wolves, representative of Soho
**James Ortiz,The skin of our teeth, Lincoln-Center-Theater
Rockefeller Production,Winnie Puuh, The Hundred Acre Theater

Harold S. Prince Lifetime Achievement Award:
In four decades as a playwright, novelist, actor and directorAlicia Childress(1912-1994) challenged racism with compelling stories and memorable characters. When a New York producer called for revisions to soften the impactproblem in the headAfter a first Off-Broadway appearance and before his Broadway debut, Childress withdrew the screenplay. 65 years later, Drama Desk celebrates the Broadway premiere of this timeless, long-delayed masterpiece and honors Childress as a leading figure in contemporary theater history.

Award for the group:
InSix,Adrianna Hicks, Andrea Macasaet, Brittney Mack, Abby Müller, Samantha Pauly, jAna tookbrings to musical life the women who married King Henry VIII of England. The fantastic result is an optimistic dramatization of their journeys of individual destination and collective empowerment.

Premio Sam Norkin Off-Broadway:
This season as a woman hiding her brother from the Taliban in Sylvia Khoury's house.rotate Kabuland an English teacher who bridges two very different cultures in Sanaz ToossiEnglish,Marjan NeschatHe played such different characters that it was difficult to identify the single actor in the two roles. Whether in drama or comedy, Neshat examines the playwright's text for a wide range of emotions that create vivid and complex portrayals of the roles she plays.

Other special prices:
dede ayiteseems to have dressed up half the actors this theater season with his designs forhappy wives,Seven Deadly Sins,The Last Love Letter,chicken and cookies,slave game,Nollywood Dreams,American buffalo, jhow i learned to drive. Whether she's dressing working-class Marylanders of the 1960s, amateur criminals of the 1970s, or West African immigrants in modern-day Harlem, Ayite has a knack for conveying the media, values ​​and aspirations of the characters before the actors say a word.

Adam RiggStorytelling is reinforced this season with very different set designs including: a house made of wood, shadows and reflective glass that draws audiences into the water crisis in Flint, MichiganCullud Wattah; a communal cul-de-sac celebrating trauma and historyin sugar country; and the falling walls, flower-covered hillsides, and fun, functional boardwalk ofThe skin of our teeth.

With the category that defiesOratory of Living Beings,christian paganit claims to encompass the whole of human existence in a single work of invention and amazing beauty. In times of pandemics, wars and social upheaval, Christian's work (directed by Lee Sunday Evans and brought to life by a terrific cast and creative team) is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, there will always be peaks.

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