Moon Knight ending explained (in detail) (2023)

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Moon Knight Episode 6 wraps up Marc Spector's story as it defines his future in the MCU. Here's the Moon Knight ending and credits explained.

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Warning: SPOILERS forMond Ritterepisode 6

Marvel Studios' latest Disney+ show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an endMond RitterThe series finale offers a twist-filled ending and teases the future. Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant, Moon Knight's alters continued to serve Khonshu in his quest to stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from unleashing Ammit's judgment on Earth. However, the quest to defeat the Egyptian god took a surprising turn more recently as the series explored Moon Knight's sanity, multiple identities, and a tragic backstory.


after mostMoon Knight episode 5 eventsplay in Marc's past and in the Egyptian underworld,Mond RitterEpisode 6 delivers a surprise ending that encapsulates all the moving parts of the series' story. Marc Spector deals with the death of Steven Grant and whether or not he wants to enjoy the afterlife without him. Due to her presumed death, Layla (May Calamawy) is empowered to help save the world by freeing Khonshu from his prison. Meanwhile, Arthur Harrow successfully frees Ammit and brings judgment on humanity and the Egyptian gods who have kept Ammit imprisoned for so long.

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all of this made possibleMond Ritteris to blend exploration of Marc and Steven's relationship with an action-packed battle of the gods. With everything, the show mainly focuses on completing its main story rather than creating a more meaningful part of the story.Future of phase 4 of the MCU. In this regardMond RitterEpisode 6 stays true to previous episodes as the MCU series has a surprisingly limited number of connections to the larger universe. Here it isMond Ritterexplained the ending, including the post-credits scene and possible setup for Moon Knight's next adventure.

How Marc Spector is brought back to life

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The turning point inMond RitterSeason 1 came during Episode 4 when Arthur Harrow apparently killed Marc Spector after Khonshu's arrest. This led him and Steven Grant to explore a mental hospital that was truly the gateway to the Egyptian afterlife.Mond RitterEpisode 5 confirmed that Marc Spector had died (again) and was now on his journey to possibly enter the Reed Fields. However, he only has access afterwardsSteven Grant dies in the sands of Duat. Here the audience meets Marc whenMond RitterEpisode 6 begins, but he quickly realizes that he doesn't want this peaceful existence without Steven. Marc decides to renounce this afterlife and find Steven in hopes of bringing him back to life. Only after they both freeze to the sands of Duat and their hands touch each heart are they both freed. This allows them to leave the Egyptian afterlife and bring Marc Spector back to life in the real world. Thanks to Layla's liberation of Khonshu, Marc is once again able to become Moon Knights, although he and Steven now live in harmony and serve the Egyptian moon god equally.

Layla becomes the MCU's second Egyptian superhero

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Moon Knight's return to action brings him additional help from Layla, who becomes the MCU's second Egyptian superheroMond RitterIt's coming to an end. Afterwards, she helps free Khonshu and rejects his offerBecome the moon knight avatar, Layla realizes the world needs more help to stop Ammit. This causes her to communicate with Taweret and temporarily become his avatar. Layla's association with Taweret grants her new superpowers as she seemingly becomes the MCU version of the Scarlet Scarab. Although the name comes from Marvel Comics,Mond Ritterreinvents the character through Layla. She is given a golden suit with bulletproof wings, giving her the ability to fly. As the Scarlet Scarab, Layla assists Moon Knight in fighting Ammit. She has previously said that this is a temporary arrangement with Taweret, but there has been no final confirmation that Layla's time as a superhero in the MCU is over.

Ammit's release and defeat declared by Moon Knight

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After five construction phasesMond RitterIn episode 6, Arthur Harrow finally achieves his goal of freeing Ammit.the Egyptian goddessreveals that before that she was imprisoned for almost 2,000 years. She chooses Arthur Harrow to be her official avatar because her scales are thrown off balance due to what he is about to do to her in the future. Ammit's release in theMond RitterThe ending begins a fight between her and Khonshu, including her potential killing of the remaining Ennead avatars. As Ammit and Khonshu fight outside the Great Pyramid of Giza, Layla and Moon Knight battle Arthur Harrow, who has empowered his followers to judge people. Each unbalanced soul allows Ammit to grow in size and power.

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As Layla and Moon Knight are about to be overwhelmed,Moon Knight teases a third ageonce more as Marc Spector collapses and regains control with the turn. Now that he has Arthur Harrow in his hands, Marc takes him back to the Chamber of the Ennead to begin a ritual to capture Ammit. Here Khonshu orders Moon Knight to kill Arthur/Ammit to ensure they don't do any more damage in the future.

Marc Spector and Steven Grant param de servir Khonshu

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Mond RitterThe ending of contains a somewhat surprising surface moment when Marc Spector and Steven Grant resign from serving Khonshu. The Moon God's call upon Arthur Harrow's death makes him seem like a hypocrite to Marc, as Khonshu wants them to die for something they might do in the future. While Arthur and Ammit have already committed great evil, Marc turns out to be Khonshu's fist of vengeance. Khonshu grants Marc and Steven their request to stop serving the will of the moon god. At this moment, youLose your Moon Knight Powersonce again.Mond RitterAdding some confusion to matters, Episode 6 immediately shows Marc and Steven back in the mental hospital, which they know isn't real, and later wakes up in Steven's apartment in the UK. With two pet goldfish and a simple balance of who's in control, Marc and Steven are ready to live in harmony - given the chance.

Jake Lockley is introduced in the Moon Knight credits

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In a series premiereMond RitterEpisode 6 contains a post-credits scene that drastically changes things by introducing Jake Lockley. The show has repeatedly teased the presence of a third alter who is more violent than Marc Spector.Mond RitterEpisode 6 post-credits scene shows Jake Lockley picking up Arthur Harrow from a mental hospital. Jake kills several employees to get Arthur out alive and throws him into a fancy cab with Khonshu in the back. Khonshu confirms thisJake Lockley is your avatarnow and the real reason he wanted Marc Spector in the first place. Jake doesn't seem to hesitate when the moon god allows him to kill Arthur Harrow by firing multiple shots into the cab. While the footage itself or the aftermath aren't shown, it certainly seems that Jake Lockley's recklessness quickly benefits Khonshu when it comes to cleaning up loose ends.

Is the Moon Knight Hospital real?

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ÖMond RitterThe post-credits scene can also be confusing for some due to the hospital setting. The fact that Arthur Harrow is a patient in a mental hospital might raise suspicions that this is also a manifestation of the Egyptian afterlife and higher plane of existence featured earlier in the show. The gleaming white faux-hospital aesthetic is gone here, though, and that's a clueMoon Knight Hospitalis real in this case. Jake Lockley taking Arthur Harrow out of the building and seeing a town around him further demonstrates that this is part of the ordinary world. This probably means that Marc Spector and Steven Grant had Harrow hospitalized after the proceedings were completedMond Ritterthe fight comes to an end. However, Khonshu wasn't ready to let him get away with it that easily.

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How Moon Knight Defines His Future In The MCU (What About Season 2?)

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now thisMond RitterAs his ending happened, it's understandable to think about what his future holds in the MCU. Introducing Jake Lockley as the third person of Moon Knight is a big deal that will further complicate Marc and Steven's relationship. It also points to another traumatic moment in her life that led to the creation of Jake Lockley's identity. This could be explored in several MCU projects, thoughmoon knight season 2There also seems to be a much stronger possibility that it's happening now. The character fits the lengthy narrative that Disney+ offers. Jake Lockley's teasing aside, Moon Knight's MCU future is wide open. However, since Marc is not currently serving Khonshu, this could mean that it will likely be a while before the superhero transitions with other characters and traits.


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