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Catlover04-12-2023 This is my first time buying this slippery meat brand. Just defrost, the meat is very soft and tender, super practical! This time I made fried beef with black beans and double bell pepper. Your Toothless at home said it was delicious 😋! give it a like! SB Food Seasoned Sliced ​​Beef Tenderloin, Frozen 12oz $11.29
💞Hannah Tang🌷02-23-2023 Since I was a kid I've always loved pork belly and chicken soup and I have to buy it whenever there's a discount. I cook a pot of pork belly and chicken soup every week. Clean the pork belly and place it in the pan with the other ingredients. A delicious soup is ready in a few minutes, and you don't have to eat two bowls for dinner😄! Pork Stomach, Frozen 3 lb $14.99
Catlover01-10-2023I like the whole crabs from this brand, they are tasty and the shrimp meat is delicious 😋! There are about 20-22 of them in the box. I usually use it to make spicy crab pasta, it's super delicious! ChaiMi Seasoned Crabs, Frozen 650g $7.99
Catlover01-04-2023First purchase. Sliced ​​meat is tasteless, you have to season it yourself. It bakes very quickly, but the taste is not delicate! This time I made beef bibimbap. Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil, Korean chili paste and a drizzle of Maggi soy sauce over the bibimbap. It's okay to eat meat with a variety of vegetables and rice. Beef tenderloin cut to fry 4 mm, frozen 1 kg $8.99
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Catlover12-31-2022 Not bad, very authentic, tingling in the mouth after eating, very pleasant! This time I made my special boiled fish which is rich in content and doesn't waste the broth in the soup. The order in which the ingredients are placed: lotus root slices — hot pot powder — mushrooms — spam — tofu — black fish and shrimp slices — coriander After turning off the heat, light another oil and pour over the fish fillets. Done! Haidilao Spicy Fish Sauce with Dry Chili 210g $4.39
Peanuts.9412212-05-2022 Longans come frozen and need to be defrosted before consumption. I left it overnight in the fridge and the next day it was ready to eat. The meat was tender, delicate and very sweet. It was also extremely juicy! Every time I opened it, juice spilled everywhere! Delicious, refreshing and at a great price! We love him! 3 Mien Frozen Vietnamese Longan 2lb $8.99
小吃货11-30-2022 Abalone with black truffle is amazing! Use it to cook eggs, put abalone and sauce on top of steamed eggs, it's instantly extraordinary hahahaha! I recommend! The sauce is very rich and also delicious for bibimbap! Aquaking Braised Abalone with Black Truffle, Ready to Eat, 4 in a 7 oz box $10.59
Kit Chen Tong11-27-2022I made spring rolls with this "Que Huong Cured Pork". I divided the pork into small pieces and roasted it in the oven for 15 minutes. The pork was sweet and garlicky with a shallot/onion flavor and fish sauce. The pork had a wonderful chewy and springy texture. Pork can be oven-baked, air-fried, grilled, or even deep-fried. It can be used in spring rolls or served over pasta or rice or just wrapped in a green salad. They are very tasty and my family loves them. Que Huong Cured BBQ Pork 14oz $5.99
Catlover11-25-2022Don't eat turkey on Turkey Day, just eat chicken! After washing the chicken, pat it dry with kitchen paper. Cut the chicken from the breast and spread it out. Then use thirteen spices, half a bag of roasted chicken powder, white pepper powder, turmeric powder, chili oil, a little dark soy sauce + soy sauce chicken sauce + oyster sauce and spread the chicken evenly outside and inside. Then place the chicken in the fridge to marinate overnight. The next day, remove the chicken. Then put all kinds of small potatoes, sliced ​​ginger, small garlic into the pot, cover with proper amount of olive oil and a small container of Taiwanese rice wine. Place the chicken over the potatoes. Cover the pan, and after the high heat boils, switch to medium and low. After 15 minutes, turn the chicken over and continue to cover the pan. After 10 minutes, turn the chicken over again. After 5 minutes, turn off the heat and bake for 2-3 minutes. And that! In this way, potatoes, onions and chicken are served in one pan, which saves time and effort. I also cook while playing, two to be exact! 😎Wingtat Taiwanese Whole Chicken 2.2-2.5 lb $15.99
Catlover11-20-2022 I highly recommend this rib eye steak! It's very tender and tasty, and it's not greasy like beef, so it's not greasy to eat. This time I made a hot lamb stew. Ingredients: Hot Pot Beef Rib Slices, Hairy Tripe, Beef Lobs, Beef Liver, Spam, Fresh Bean Skin, Lotus Root Slices, Cilantro and Hot Pot Xiao Sheep Hot Base. Because it has more ingredients, in addition to the spicy Little Sheep broth, the soup broth also has thirteen spices, fresh Maggi soy sauce and chili oil. Order of cooking: lotus root slices—>spam>fresh bean skins—>beef liver—>short rib slices—>beef pot, tripe—>coriander. Don't forget with rice! On such a cold day, after eating this pan, I got all sweaty! 😺 Beef Ribeye Roll Sliced, Frozen 1 lb $11.49
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Kit Chen Tong11-15-2022The aroma of chicken and ginseng comes to the fore when you open the package. The white meat was juicy and tender, and most of the dark meat melted into the broth. There were some small bones so be careful! The soup itself was smooth, creamy and thick thanks to the boiled gelatinous rice. The ginseng adapted very well to the chicken and was light but tasty. No additional seasonings are needed, everything is seasoned and ready to eat after heating. The stew itself was quick and easy to prepare because everything was already cooked, I heated the stew for about 10 minutes on the stove over high heat. It is also microwaveable - just remove the stew from the bag onto a microwaveable dish and heat for 6 minutes. Package contains: -1/2 serving of small chicken -1 ginseng about 1" long -1 chestnut -1 jujube-sticky rice* I added chopped carrots and coriander Haitai Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Samgyetang Stew 850g $9.29
Catlover11-13-2022First purchase. There are two large pigs feet in a bag. This time I used just one for the traditional roast pork cartouches. There is no technical content to prepare this dish, just patience! 1. In a saucepan, place the pork ducks, water, cooking wine, slices of ginger and bring to a boil. 2. At the same time, put the cooked dumplings, ginger slices, rock sugar, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, water and bring to a boil in another iron pan. 3. Place the basted pork ducks in an iron pan, cover the pan and, once the heat has boiled, place over medium-low heat and cook for 2 hours. 4. In a large bowl, place the cooked pork ducks together with the soup (reject the steamed buns). Then put it in the fridge overnight. 5. The next day, remove the pork ducks from the fridge, place them in a large pot and cook them over high heat. After it boils, make another seasoning. Continue pouring the soup over the pork ducks with a spoon. Directly until the soup thickens into a sauce. 6. Remove the pork legs, clean them from the bones and cut the meat into pieces of the appropriate size. At the end, cover with sauce and you're done! As the pork patties were a bit more fatty, this time I served them with cucumber, chilli, garlic, kimchi and white rice. The perfect meal is ready! Pork Chops, Frozen 4-5 lb $16.99
Catlover11-08-2022This is the first time I have purchased this bone-in lamb shoulder steak. I took advantage of this time to cook onion and mutton soup. After an hour and a half of boiling the soup, a thick layer of oil remains. I put it in the fridge overnight, and the next day when I eat it, I gently scoop up the layer of oil on the noodle soup with a small kitchen spoon, and all the oil "cake" is removed! Then return to the pan and cook for 30-40 minutes over medium-low heat. The taste is not lost! This lamb shoulder steak has less meat and more fat and should be turned into hand-roasted lamb rice! ! ! The sebum will absorb the rice grains and they will be super smelling! Give it a try next time you get a chance! Bone-in Lamb Chops, Frozen 2lb $16.99
Catlover11-06-2022Since I bought this Taiwanese chicken, I rarely buy other chickens! This time, one chicken and two meals will be split into two meals. 1. Carved chicken (potatoes, onions and mushrooms) (dinner) 2. Avocado chicken breast sandwich (second breakfast) All very tasty 😋! Wingtat Taiwanese Whole Chicken 2.2-2.5 lb $15.99
Kit Chen Tong10-28-2022Hamilton Pork Ribs arrived frozen and I thawed in the fridge overnight. Then I marinated it with Mama Sita's BBQ Marinade Mix. After baking in the oven (covered with aluminum foil), for a total of 50-55 minutes, it was ready! The Hamilton pork ribs were juicy, juicy and tender on the bone. It was pretty thin, but still very moist. Very tasty! I hear they sell out fast, so if you love ribs, get them whenever you see them available! Hamilton Ranch Pork Ribs, Frozen $18.99
Kit Chen Tong10-13-2022This ready-to-eat fish is delicious! It takes 20 minutes from the freezer to warm up in the microwave. It can be heated in the plastic container that comes with it, or you can definitely transfer it to a microwave safe container. The fish is flaky, moist and very tender. The sauce is tangy, tangy and aromatic. You can see lots of peppercorns and peppercorns floating around the plate. We have already bought this fish many times because it is delicious! Don't forget to make extra rice to serve with this fish! iCook Spicy Frozen Grilled Tilapia 2.2 lb $12.99
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Catlover09-28-2022 I am buying saba fish for the first time. 1. After marinating with sea salt and black pepper, sprinkle with cornmeal and wheat flour. 2. Heat the oil in a cold pan. When the skillet warms up a little, add the fish pieces. Cover the pan over medium heat and cook for 2 minutes. 3. Then turn the fish, continue to cover the pan and cook for 2 minutes. 4. Turn the fish again, add a teaspoon of cooking wine, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Turn the fish again, add a small spoonful of the cooking wine, cover the pan and cook for a minute. 6. Then turn off the heat, cover the pan and cook for 1-2 minutes. And that! This time I topped the shrimp chow mein with fish cubes and served with mayonnaise. Super delicious 😋! Talassa Swai Fillets, Frozen 2lb $7.99
Littlefoody小吃货09-13-2022 This is the love of my daughter and me. We always fight for the bigger piece. It is difficult to obtain good quality fresh durian. We love this one for the consistent quality. I personally like frozen durian because of its similar ice cream. 🍃click profile picture for more product reviews and cooking ideas. Premium Frozen Durian Premium Seedless Pulp 400g $ 15.29
Littlefoody小吃货08-27-2022Most do not have seeds. Quite fresh and sweet. A box full of grapes. Grapes are a super nutritious fruit for gut, heart and skin health. 🍃If you want to know more or another product review, click on the profile picture for reviews, cooking ideas and healthy eating. Grape Lychee Flavor $6.99
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What is the largest Asian supermarket in America? ›

Founded in 1984 by Taiwanese immigrant Roger H. Chen, 99 Ranch Market has grown into the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States.

Are Asian markets cheaper than grocery stores? ›

When you visit an Asian market, you will find that these factors drive the price of many of the vegetables, fruit, fish and meat you normally buy to 10-30% below standard western supermarket prices. When you buy Asian products, you will frequently save even more than you would on a comparably produced western item.

What percent of Americans get groceries delivered? ›

Online grocery shopping is a weekly habit of a segment of the population, according to a new study. One in six consumers (15.8 percent) said they purchase groceries online and have them delivered to their home weekly, according to PYMNTS' “ConnectedEconomy Monthly Report”.

How many people get groceries delivered? ›

The online grocery customer base counts roughly 150 million shoppers, close to half of the country's population, and is forecast to grow further in the upcoming years.


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