65 YouTube Video Ideas – The Ultimate List (2023)

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Create videos that inspire action YouTube learning video ideas for beginners 1. Introduce yourself 2. Introduce your company 3. Get to know the team 4. Start a vlog 5. Explainer Video 6. Tourvideo 7. A day in the life 8. Culture Videos 9. Backstage 10. Introduce friends or family 11. 50 facts about me 12. Draw my life Ideas for YouTube tutorials/instructional videos 13. DIY-Videos 14. Instructions/Tutorial 15. Cooking instructions or recipe 16. Product Tutorial 17. Explain a concept 18. Trainingsvideo 19th webinar or presentation 20. Video-Infographics 21. Whiteboard-Video 22. YouTube Video Ideas Questions and Answers 23. Debunk some myths Create videos that inspire action YouTube video ideas: analyze videos 24. Product Review 25. Film criticism 26. Book Review 27. Match report 28. Testimonials Funny YouTube video ideas 29. Comedy/Sketches 30. Music Videos 31. Videos of pranks 32. Cute/funny baby videos 33. Cute/funny animal videos 34. Challenging videos 35. Parodievideo 36. Recording errors 37. Singing/dubbing 38. Magic Tricks 39. Video Walkthrough 40. Fast running videos 41. Highlight Roll 42. Time Lapse 43. Fan Videos/Comments 44. Mashups 45. Video Collection 46. ​​​​Video-Unboxing 47. Purchases 48. What's in my bag? 49. What's in my phone? List of the most important "X" Even more ideas for YouTube videos 59. Promotional video 60th opinion video 61. Response video 62. Reaction video 63. Summary of the event 64. Live-Streaming 65th Video Contest Bring your next YouTube video idea to life with Biteable Videos

With over a billion users, YouTube is the second largest social media network.

YouTube users watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos every day. The platform also belongs to the largest search engine in the world, which meansBeing on YouTube can give you a huge SEO boostand helpincrease your audience.

when you're readyStartbut you're struggling to find the best content for your own YouTube channel, we've got you covered.

This mega list of popular YouTube video ideas is sure to spark your creativity.

Create videos that inspire action

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YouTube learning video ideas for beginners

1. Introduce yourself

Make a video introducing yourself. Who are you and what are you doing? What can people expect on your channel? How often do you post videos? Create a video welcoming people to your channel and let them know what to expect. Try to give viewers a compelling reason to click subscribe.

2. Introduce your company

If you're sharing videos on behalf of a business or non-profit organization, create a video that showcases your business and what you do.

3. Get to know the team

create a videoIntroduce viewers to the people who bring your organization to life. Seeing the faces behind your organization or business helps viewers create a more personal connection with your business.

Rena shares her mega list of YouTube video ideas with the best YouTube content.

4. Start a vlog

Just like written blogs, vlogs can be educational, entertaining, personal, whatever you want to do with them. Businesses and individuals can use the vlogsatisfiedto engage viewers and grow your audience.

5. Explainer Video

explainer videosare used to quickly introduce a product, service, company or application. If your business has one, YouTube is a great platform to showcase it for maximum visibility.

Dollar Shave Club explainer video for YouTube

6. Tourvideo

Let viewers go behind the scenes with this popular video format. You can showcase your bedroom, home, office, neighborhood or any other place you love.

7. A day in the life

YouTuberlove putting themselves in someone else's shoes through A Day in the Life videos. Start recording when you wake up in the morning and walk viewers through a typical day of your routine.

Day in the life with a newborn

8. Culture Videos

Create a video that showcases your organization's culture. Table tennis in the office? Employee happy hour after work? Videos that highlight a fun, positive culture are a great way to show customers and potential employees what your company is all about.

9. Backstage

Show viewers what's happening behind the scenes of your company, event, blog or YouTube channel.

(Video) 65 YouTube video ideas: The ultimate list

10. Introduce friends or family

Switch the camera to your friends or family (with their permission, of course) and introduce your audience to the people closest to you.

11. 50 facts about me

Share 50 random facts about yourself. It's a fun way to showcase your unique personality and help your viewers get to know you better.

12. Draw my life

Draw My Life videos usually consist of fast-moving illustrations on a whiteboard in which the author narrates important events and experiences.

Ideas for YouTube tutorials/instructional videos

13. DIY-Videos

Are you practically at home? Do you like handicrafts? Show viewers step by step how to create your latest DIY project.

14. Instructions/Tutorial

How-to videos are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. They're particularly popular with tech and beauty YouTubers, but the subject possibilities are truly limitless. Whether you're playing your favorite song on the guitar or getting more confident if you can learn it, there's probably someone out there who wants to learn it!

How to perfect the winged eyeliner

15. Cooking instructions or recipe

Follow viewers as they prepare a favorite family recipe, teach a cooking or preparation technique, or share your favorite cooking tips and tricks.

16. Product Tutorial

Whether you want to explain your own product or simply teach others how to use a product or app that you use and love, a tutorial video is an engaging and helpful option for viewers.

Complete beginner's guide to iPhone 7

17. Explain a concept

Share your knowledge! Explain a tricky math problem, the theory of relativity, a complex coding problem, or anything else related to your industry or field of study.

18. Trainingsvideo

When it comes time to exercise, many people turn to YouTube, both to learn how to perform specific exercises and for guided exercise programs. Yoga, circuit, stretching and shaping videos are popular topics.

19th webinar or presentation

If you have given an educational webinarpresentation, post the recording on YouTube so those who missed it can watch it later.

20. Video-Infographics

infographicsare an engaging and visually appealing way to display facts and statistics that would otherwise be dry or difficult to understand.

Here's a great example of an infographic video made with Biteable:

(Video) 65 YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS That will blow up in 2022 *unique*

WLR FM is number one in the City and County of Waterford

21. Whiteboard-Video

A whiteboard video is typically an animated video of someone drawing on a whiteboard. They are an engaging way of conveying complex ideas and are engaging to viewers.

22. YouTube Video Ideas Questions and Answers

Do people ask questions in the comments of your videos? Maybe your company has some frequently asked questions from customers. Create a video about your latest or frequently asked questions.

23. Debunk some myths

Are there some common misconceptions that drive you crazy? YouTube is a great place to get the facts straight for viewers.

Create videos that inspire action

Engage your audience with impactful branded videos. Build them easily and collaboratively with Biteable.

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YouTube video ideas: analyze videos

24. Product Review

Product reviews are one of the most popular types of content on YouTube. Millions of viewers watch these informative videos before making a purchase. Tech gadgets and beauty products are popular topics, but reviews can be found for all types of products.

Mazda CX-5 test and road test

25. Film criticism

Have you seen a good (or not so good) movie lately? Head to YouTube to share your opinions and argue with total strangers. There are no spoilers!

26. Book Review

Share your thoughts on your last read.

27. Match report

Gameplay videos, including reviews, are very popular on YouTube.

28. Testimonials

If you run a business, testimonials should be part of your video strategy. This kind of video offers"social proof"and helps to build trust in your company.

Seller's testimonial

Funny YouTube video ideas


29. Comedy/Sketches

If you want to go viral, a funny video can help you get there. Many of the most popular YouTube videos have become this way because they made viewers laugh (and share).

30. Music Videos

If you're a musician, a music video is an obvious choice. Achieve high production value with a cinematic video or keep it simple with an acoustic track. Just make sure your music is 🔥!

31. Videos of pranks

From Candid Camera to Punk'd and YouTube, people love prank videos. Prank someone (harmless pranks only please) and share the results on your channel.

YouTube Challenge - I told my kids I ate all the Halloween candy

32. Cute/funny baby videos

Does your baby do adorable things? Your child's grandparents aren't the only ones who would love to see your cute baby videos.

33. Cute/funny animal videos

Puppies, kittens, baby elephants... the internet loves cute/funny animal videos even more than human baby videos.

34. Challenging videos

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Planking? Challenge videos are the favorites of Youtubers. Just make sure your challenge is safe!

Top 15 Best Dummy Challenge Compilation

35. Parodievideo

Put your own twist on a popular video, song or movie with a funny parody video.

36. Recording errors

If you've been in the YouTube game for a while, chances are you've missed a few takes. Edit them together for a fun bug reel your viewers will love.

37. Singing/dubbing

Singing in the car, lip syncing, YouTube loves singing videos. Even late-night TV joins in. Pick a favorite song and sing along!

Dwayne Johnson's "Shake It Off" vs. Jimmy Fallon's "Jump In The Line".

38. Magic Tricks

Now you see it, now you don't! If you're a master of sleight of hand, click YouTube and make your viewers wonder, "How did they do that?"

39. Video Walkthrough

Do you know the secret to defeating this final boss? Video game walkthroughs are a favorite of YouTube gamers who need help.

40. Fast running videos

Here's how you can beat Super Mario 64 in two minutes. Show your talent on YouTube! Fast running videos (win a game as fast as possible) are a popular genre on YouTube.

41. Highlight Roll

If you are an athlete looking for YouTube video ideas, what better place to showcase your skills than YouTube? Action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding/skiing, and surfing all have active communities where they show off their tricks. Athletes and sports teams also edit their best pieces together for YouTube, both to catch the attention of recruiters or sponsors and to delight viewers.

42. Time Lapse

Time-lapse is a technique that captures video frames much more slowly than normal. The result is often fascinating. Traffic, clouds and the night sky are popular time-lapse subjects.

surging sunset

43. Fan Videos/Comments

If you have a theory about what really happened at the end of your favorite movie, YouTube is the perfect place to share your thoughts.

44. Mashups

A video mashup combines multiple non-contiguous clips into a new video. Mashups, which are often fun, can combine two different songs, movie clips, or any other combination of sources.

45. Video Collection

Do you have a huge shoe closet? An enviable Lego collection? YouTube videos are a popular way for collectors to share their passion with the world.

(Video) SOFI TUKKER - Best Friend feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

46. ​​​​Video-Unboxing

Whether it's the latest iPhone, a trending subscription box, or the hottest toy, people love watching others open boxes on YouTube. So next time you get a new product, don't just tear it up, make sure the camera is rolling first!

Unpacking my biggest Amazon shipment to date

47. Purchases

This video genre is particularly popular with beauty and fashion vloggers. After a visit to the mall, show your product piece by piece.

48. What's in my bag?

A woman's purse is personal, but YouTubers like to show off its contents. Popular with lifestyle and fashion bloggers, these reveal both the trendy (often sponsored), the practical (extra baby diapers), and the awkward (half-eaten granola bar, anyone?)

49. What's in my phone?

No app collection is the same! Take viewers into your phone to reveal your most important apps.

List of the most important "X"

The internet loves lists. They surround us and let us observe. What will number 1 be? Will my favorite make the list? Countdown to your favorite top 10...anything!

  • 50. Favorite books
  • 51. Favorite Movies
  • 52. Favorite YouTube Videos
  • 53. Favorite Songs
  • 54. Favorite Albums
  • 55. Favorite games
  • 56. Favorite places you've been to
  • 57. Favorite athletes/teams
  • 58. Favorite apps

Top 10 Movies With Bye

Even more ideas for YouTube videos

59. Promotional video

Yourpromotional video(You may know it better as an ad) it doesn't just have to be on your website, they can be on YouTube too. A well-made promotional video is known to go viral.

Old Spice - The man your husband could smell

60th opinion video

Share your thoughts on everything. YouTubers use opinion videos to talk about politics, current events, entertainment, celebrity news, movies, and more.

61. Response video

Disagree with someone else's opinion video or vlog? Share your thoughts with an answer video. In these videos, YouTubers provide counterpoints that go beyond just leaving a comment.

62. Reaction video

A reaction video differs from a response video in that it's not a reaction to another video, it's a reaction to news or an event.

63. Summary of the event

Recap your company's event, the conference you spoke at, the festival you attended. Event recap videos use the power of FOMO (fear of missing out) to engage viewers who were unable to attend.

64. Live-Streaming

Why wait for the synopsis to show people what happened? Take your viewers to the event by streaming live to your YouTube channel. The stream will also be available for viewing after the event has ended.

65th Video Contest

Is there anything better than making your own videos? Have others make them for you. A video contest is a great way to get your viewers to give you somethingUser Generated Contentwhich you can share on your own channel.

Video Contest Winner: Jeff Puryear

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