30 celebs you forgot appeared on Friends (2023)

One of themost popular sitcoms of all time, Friendsit ran for ten years on NBC and had one of the most impressive and extensive lists of celebrity guests of any television series ever made. The list of celebrities who appeared on the show included several movie stars (Brad PittmiJulia Roberts,both brilliantly funny), television icons (Tom Selleck— and his mustache), many actors "before they were famous" (Ellen PompeoLeah Remini, among many others), and even cameos from royals and billionaires. Here you will find a complete list of all the famous people who have appeared on the show.


Reese Witherspoon

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Long before he struck TV gold starring in and producingbig lies, the Oscar winner appeared in two consecutive episodes of the sixth season as Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) Sister Jill Green. Did you know that Witherspoon's character didn't spend much time on the show when she set her sights on Rachel's soul mate, Ross (david shimmer). Jill, we barely knew her.


Winona Ryder

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A Stranger Things starhe appeared in the season seven episode "The One with Rachel's Big Kiss". When Rachel meets Ryder's character, Melissa Warburton, a college sister whom she kissed after having too much to drink one night, she is disappointed to learn that Melissa doesn't remember him. To show Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow)While they were kissing, Rachel kisses Melissa again. Later, Melissa confesses that she remembers her kiss and that she was in love with Rachel.


Brad Pitt

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In one of our favorite celebrity guest stars of all time, Pitt (who was married to Aniston at the time) appears in the season eight Thanksgiving episode as Will Colbert, who went to high school with Ross, Monica (Courtney Cox) and Rachel. As it turns out, Will was one of only two members of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" in high school; the other member was - wait for it - Ross. Rachel discovers that in the past, the boys spread a rumor that Rachel has both male and female reproductive parts. Pitt is a genius on paper.


Alec Baldwin

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For two episodes, Baldwin played Parker, Phoebe's relentlessly cheerful boyfriend who drove the gang crazy by being ridiculously happy about everything.That's why they call it acting.


union gabrielle

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Union plays Rachel Leigh, Joey's neighbor and love interest (mate leblanc) y Chandler (matthew perry), in an episode of the seventh season. When the guys find out that they are dating her at the same time, they decide to let her choose who she likes best. Hilarity ensues and (surprise!) she dumps them both.


Dakota Fanning

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Fanning was then just a kid (and a rising child star) when she appears in one of the last episodes of the series having an exchange with Joey when he tries to find something wrong with the house Monica and Chandler bought to stop them. her to leave the house in the city to the outskirts.


George Clooney and Noah Wyle

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At the height of the popularity of NBC's "Must See TV" on Thursday nights, this crossover that wasn't really a crossover made entertainment headlines, and hearts fluttered, everywhere. By this time, Clooney had become a huge star on the network's mega-hit.emergenciesplaying dreamy Dr. Doug Ross on the sidenoah wyle, who played Dr. John Carter. Clooney and Wyle came out like, what else? -ER doctors in this 1995 episode of "Friends" during the show's first season, where Rachel injures her ankle and has to switch names with Monica at the hospital to use her insurance. although it isvistaas if they were playing their characters fromemergencies,the doctors have different nicknames: Clooney and Wyle played doctors Mitchell and Rosen. Smart huh?


cristina applegate

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OSamantha Who?star won an Emmy for her guest role as Amy Green, one of the Rachel movies (Jennifer Aniston) spoiled sisters, in two episodes in seasons nine and ten.


viejo Gary

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In season seven, the Academy Award winner plays a famous actor, Richard Crosby, who stars with Joey in a movie about soldiers in World War I, and whose drunken antics prevent Joey from officiating Monica and Chandler's wedding. in the act.


Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri

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Sarandon camps out in the seventh season as Cecilia Monroe, an actress indays of our liveswhose character, Jessica Lockhart, is killed off on the soap. Joey, through his character Drake Ramoray, assumes the role of Lockhart, as Lockhart implants himself in Ramoray's brain. (Soap operas are crazy, huh?) Also, Sarandon's daughter,eva love, makes a cameo appearance as a soap opera actress who receives one of Jessica's infamous slaps.


sean Penn

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The intense actor brightened things up as Eric, the heartbroken fiancé of Ursula (Phoebe's twin sister) who tries to date Phoebe. But he can't because he can't look at her without seeing her ex.


abraçe-me Laurie

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Long before he was the grumpy doctor inCasa, Laurie, using her real-life British accent, plays a passenger sitting next to Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) on a plane ride to London for Ross's wedding to Emily (helen baxendale) who tells Rachel after hearing her version of the events of their breakup, that Rachel and Ross "were clearly on a break".


Sarah Ferguson y Richard Branson

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In that same episode, Joey and Chandler meet the real Duchess of York and buy a souvenir hat from a street vendor played by the British billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group.ricardo bransonwhen they cross the lake to Ross' ill-fated wedding.Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York,he also made a brief appearance in the episode.


Helen Caza

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At this fast and clever intersection,Hunt played Jamie Buchman, his character on the then-popular NBC sitcom.Crazy for You(which is the upcoming '90s sitcom to be rebooted next year) in an episode of the show's first season. In "The One with Two Parts: Part 1", Hunt while Jamie stops at Central Perk and tries to order coffee from Phoebe, mistaking her for the waitress of her twin Ursula (who was a character inCrazy for You).


Ben Stiller

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Stiller is very good in the third season of "The One with the Screamer" where he plays Tommy, Rachel's boyfriend, a short-tempered guy with a tendency to yell at the top of his lungs at everyone.


Charlie Sheen

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In those days before he started "winning" all the time, Sheen played Phoebe's everlasting love and a Navy submarine officer whose bout of chickenpox while on leave didn't stop him from doting on his lady love.


elena pompeo

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just a few metersmonths before she landed the role of Meredith Gray in her career.Grey's Anatomy, Pompeo played Missy Goldberg, a former college roommate of Ross and Chandler, who secretly hooked up with Chandler despite the roommates' pact not to fight over girls they both liked.


Julia Roberts y Jean Claude Van Damme

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In one of the most stellar episodes of the series,Roberts interpreta a Susie Moss,a former classmate Chandler used to joke about, in season two's "The One After the Superbowl: Part 2." She takes revenge on her friend who has a crush on her in a hilariously perverted way. In the same episode, Van Damme appears as himself and causes a rift between Rachel and Monica when he asks her out on her, while she asks him if she would like to date Monica.


bruce willis

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Willis won an Emmy for his comedic performance in several episodes of season six as Paul Stevens, the father of Ross's new girlfriend. Oh, and Stevens starts dating Rachel.


Isabella Rosellini

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The ageless beauty had a cameo appearance in an episode in which Ross checks the iconic star off his list of five celebrities he can sleep with, a pact he made with his then-girlfriend Rachel, before meeting her at Central Perk.


Leah Remini

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Before I go bigking of queensRemini stars in this sweet chapter during the show's first season as a single woman in a hospital about to give birth who receives emotional support from Joey while Ross's ex-wife Carol gives birth to Ben.


Billy Cristal y Robin Williams

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best friends in real lifebilly cristalmipetirrojo williamshe makes a brief appearance in Central Perk as patrons Tim and Tomas, who snuggle on the couch with the gang.


Tom Selleck

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Do you remember when your mother was most anxious to seeFriendswhat were you? That's because, for a brief period of time, the '80s heartthrob played Monica's older worldly boyfriend, Dr. Ricardo Burke.


Adam Goldberg

30 celebs you forgot appeared on Friends (24)

OfargoThe actor had a strong run on the series as Chandler's roommate Eddie in the second season after Joey, following a falling out between him and Chandler, reluctantly moves out.


danny de vito

30 celebs you forgot appeared on Friends (25)

OTaxiThe star made a truly unforgettable cameo as Phoebe's bachelorette party stripper, Roy. The girls take pity on him and allow him to do his "sexy" dance for them.

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