200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (2023)

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Whether you're looking to start a new relationship or deepen an existing one, learning about your likes and dislikes is a great way to easily do this.

Reminding someone that they liked something, or mentioning that you didn't serve a particular meal because you remembered they didn't like it, gives them something.the idea that you really care about them and that you are listening.

Today we give you a good start with 200 questions on the topicPeople's likes and dislikesin your life and those you want to connect with. They range from general likes and dislikes... to ones that can get more personal information.

Have in mind,Even the most innocent questions can reveal a lot about a person..

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Why ask likes and dislikes?

opening is difficultfor many people. Asking simple like and dislike questions allows a person to share safely.if you really listen, you can start listening when a person starts to relax.

Granted, asking a person what they like about pizza may not tell you a lot about their personality, but it can lead to deeper questions about books, character traits, and more.

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200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (1)

These questions can help you get a sense of a person's self-esteem, what is most important to them in the world, and even how they see the world. all these thingsallow to open the way to a deeper knowledge about the personwithout making any of you uncomfortable.

These questions will help you have fun meeting new people and getting to know your friends, family, and co-workers better.

100 questions about likes

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What musical genres do you like?
  3. Do you like cats?
  4. Do you like dogs?
  5. Which job did you like the most?
  6. Which historical era do you like the most?
  7. What's your favorite color?
  8. Which vacation do you like the most?
  9. What kind of cuisine do you like the most?
  10. What part of your body do you like?
  11. Who is your favorite historical figure?
  12. What video games do you like?
  13. What's your favorite vacation spot?
  14. What qualities do you like in a partner?
  15. Do you like traveling by train?
  16. Do you like to fly?
  17. What's your favorite social media platform?
  18. Tell me a quote you like.
  19. What smells do you like?
  20. Do you have a favorite flavor?
  21. do you like musicals
  22. What do you like most about your parents?
  23. What do you like to cook
  24. What school subjects did you like?
  25. How do you like contact with people?
  26. What did you like the most today?
  27. Do you like a specific home style?
  28. What male names do you like?
  29. What female names do you like?
  30. Do you like a specific term of endearment?
  31. Tell me one piece of advice that you liked.
  32. Which fairy tale did you like the most?
  33. what is your favorite dessert?
  34. What kind of cake do you like?
  35. What is the best cake flavor?
  36. Which cream flavor do you like the most?
  37. What's your favorite season?
  38. What weather conditions do you like best?
  39. What kind of gifts do you like to give?
  40. I would likewrite diary?
  41. Where would you like to retire?
  42. What sports do you like to watch?
  43. What is your favorite physical activity?
  44. What qualities do you like in a friend?
  45. Tell me a lesson you learned that you like.
  46. What skills would you like to have?
  47. Do you like a specific past culture?
  48. Do you like being alone?
  49. you like big crowds
  50. What is your favorite dance style?
200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (2)
  1. What superhero skill would you like to have?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. Do you like to make decisions?
  4. Do you like to say no?
  5. What drinks do you like?
  6. do you like bubble baths
  7. Which actor/actress do you really like?
  8. Who is your favorite musician?
  9. Do you like pranks?
  10. What do you like to collect?
  11. do you like fast food
  12. What do you like about pizza?
  13. which car do you like
  14. Do you like horror movies?
  15. you like competitions
  16. What sounds do you like?
  17. What do you like most about children?
  18. What's your favorite flower?
  19. Do you like tattoos/piercings?
  20. you like the dark
  21. Which cartoon character do you like the most?
  22. you like deep conversations
  23. Do you like sending snail letters?
  24. Do you like fancy hair colors?
  25. What is your favorite musical instrument?
  26. What do you like most in your life?
  27. What do you like to do after a long day?
  28. What would you like to talk about?
  29. do you like it in the morning
  30. Do you like to be always busy?
  31. What is your favorite type of chocolate?
  32. Do you like your name
  33. you like comedy
  34. Do you like to be spontaneous?
  35. What do you like to do when you're alone?
  36. Do you like being in charge?
  37. What other kids activities do you enjoy?
  38. Do you like word puzzles?
  39. Which tv series do you like?
  40. What do you like about being an adult?
  41. What would you like as a theme song?
  42. do you like karaoke
  43. Do you like meeting new people?
  44. What time of day do you like best?
  45. Who is your favorite artist?
  46. What charity do you like to donate to?
  47. do you like fireworks
  48. What's your favorite circus act?
  49. What's your favorite amusement park ride?
  50. What soft skills do you like?

100 questions about heartbreak

  1. What job do you not like?
  2. What tasks do you like least?
  3. Do you have a character trait that you don't like?
  4. What qualities do you dislike in others?
  5. Don't like book genres?
  6. What song do you not like?
  7. What movie genre do you dislike?
  8. Is there a color you don't like?
  9. I don't like animals
  10. What holidays do you not like?
  11. Are there foods you don't like?
  12. Which of your body features do you dislike?
  13. What do you not like about traveling?
  14. Is there anything you don't like about this city?
  15. What do you not like about your partner?
  16. You don't like planes?
  17. What do you not like about social networks?
  18. What smells do you not like?
  19. What flavors do you not like?
  20. What didn't you like about your parents?
  21. You don't like parts?
  22. What dish do you not like to cook?
  23. What school subjects did you not like?
  24. What kind of communication do you dislike?
  25. Which event did you attend and didn't like?
  26. What fashion styles do you not like?
  27. Did you have a holiday that you didn't like?
  28. Are there any words you don't like?
  29. What advice did someone give you that you didn't like?
  30. You don't like fairy tales?
  31. What flavor of ice cream do you not like?
  32. You don't like cake?
  33. Which cake do you not like?
  34. What weather conditions do you not like?
  35. What is your least favorite time of year?
  36. What physical activity do you dislike?
  37. What sports do you not like to watch?
  38. You do not likeMeditation?
  39. You don't like to stand in queues?
  40. Ever had a nickname you didn't like?
  41. What amusement park rides do you dislike?
  42. Are there any circus acts you don't like?
  43. What type of travel do you like least?
  44. What is the worst karaoke song?
  45. What's the gift you didn't like?
  46. What do others assume about you that you don't like?
  47. What lesson did you learn the least?
  48. You don't like being alone?
  49. Don't like crowds?
  50. Don't like shopping?
200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (3)
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  1. Don't like deadlines?
  2. What social norm do you dislike?
  3. You don't like feeling drunk?
  4. Don't like creepy crawlies?
  5. What piece of modern technology do you not like?
  6. What past historical events do you dislike?
  7. Don't like sharing your password with a partner?
  8. Don't like being photographed?
  9. You don't like one of your relatives?
  10. What career would you not like?
  11. Is there a socialite you don't like?
  12. Don't like surprises?
  13. What do you not like to hear discussed?
  14. You don't like fast food?
  15. What do you not like about pizza?
  16. Don't like the pressure of competition?
  17. Is showing emotion something you don't like?
  18. What do you like least about public speaking?
  19. Don't like confrontation?
  20. Is following rules something you don't like?
  21. What board games do you not like?
  22. What bad habits do you generally dislike?
  23. Do you like to take control?
  24. Did you have a dream you didn't like?
  25. Don't like shorthand?
  26. Does hunting/fishing bother you?
  27. You don't like to be questioned?
  28. You don't like to think about the past?
  29. You don't like to think about the future?
  30. Is it something you don't like to be corrected?
  31. What sounds do you not like?
  32. Don't like the death penalty?
  33. Do interruptions bother you?
  34. You don't like clowns?
  35. What emotions do you not like?
  36. Don't like puns?
  37. Do you have a specific month you don't like?
  38. What piece of clothing do you not like to wear?
  39. Is there a floral scent you don't like?
  40. Don't like tattoos/piercings?
  41. You don't like the dark?
  42. Tell me about a first date you didn't like.
  43. You don't like cartoon characters?
  44. What hair color do you not like?
  45. Is it something you don't like to try new things?
  46. Don't like sudden changes in plans?
  47. Don't like sticking to a schedule?
  48. What habit do you have that you don't like?
  49. What kind of rude behavior do you hate the most?
  50. Are there musical instruments that you don't like?

How to ask like/dislike questions

Depending on the situation, it's best to start with a simple question. You must not ask one question after another or the person will get bored and feel that you are interrogating him.

One way to use this to start a question is to ask the question and then ask why. This allows the person to open up more and the conversation to continue.

200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (4)

You can also make this an icebreaker game in a meeting or other social situation.

Ask everyone to take turns asking and answering, or have everyone write their answers to several questions on pieces of paper and ask the rest of the group to guess whose answer it is.

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If you feel uncomfortable just blurting out a question,You can start by answering them yourself.The purpose of these questions is to start a conversation that gets the person talking. Many are closed questions, but adding the "why" helps to open them up.

Final thoughts on likes and dislikes

Having a list of several questions from that list that are non-controversial canto help youovercome fearin social situations. Although they are similar to most small talk, they really allow you toGet information about someone elseEshare some thingsabout you.

Starting a conversation can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be if you approach it this way. Have fun with it and enjoy all the many things you learn about each one.

200 likes and dislikes examples: A list to start a conversation (5)


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